Broken Wing

For Jessie Bradshaw, coming home is a means to safety and security, a place she can hide from the world and the fears tormenting her mind.  But fate with the help of some friendly neighbors just may have other plans for her.

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Knowing she'll die young, Sakura keeps the world at a distance. But after meeting the yokai from her late guardian's fairy tales, Sakura's stoic acceptance of her fate is slipping, but with the end of her life rapidly approaching, is there any point in learning to live again?

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Miho’s long war with her own mind has her ready to give up when she meets them: charming Taka with his barely leashed rage and sweet Shinji hiding his abuse behind a boyish smile. But can their hesitant connections survive their internal demons, much less the outside world that seems bent on destroying them?

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At Week's End

Adachi's guilt-ridden trip to Aokigahara Forest wasn't supposed to include a suicidal girl, much less becoming her semi-voluntary hostage for a week. Hoping to find a way to change her mind, he offers to record her life story, but the more he learns, the more of himself he's forced to reveal...

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The Lackadaisical Writer

Launched in 2013, this now monthly (mostly) podcast is for anyone interested in following along on my journey as an author and indie publisher.  I share my thoughts on the industry and inside details on both the writing and the business side of things.   Aimed primarily at fellow writers, but also of interest to anyone wanting a behind-the-scenes goodness (and sometimes blahness) of the writing life.

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