S1, E1: Introduction

In this inaugural episode I talk about why I decided to do a podcast instead of blogging, how it came to be called The Lackadaisical Writer, and introduce myself and my current project.

  • Who am I (AnmaNatsu)
    • Writing history
    • Brief personal tidbits
  • Podcast purpose/focus
    • Some writing in terms of my own efforts, progress, etc
    • Interesting topics related to my stories
    • Occasional random side topics
  • Schedule/Format
    • 1 month, 10-15 minutes
    • Intro
    • Main Topic
    • Project/writing updates
    • Random Recommendation:
    • Close
  • Why “The Lackadaisical Writer”
    • Lackadaisical != Lazy
    • Lackadaisical with editing and moving forward
    • Sounded kinda cool to me
  • Current Project: Aisuru
    • Summary

Progress Report: In chapter 6 of editing Aisuru

Goal: Be up to chapter 10 by August 20th

Random Recommendation: Tiny Wings by Andreas Illiger (iOS game; $0.99; http://www.andreasilliger.com/)