S1, E4: World Setting

For this episode, I discuss how a geographical error in my first draft of Aisuru derailed my editing of chapter 10, and the pros and cons you might find when setting a story in the “real” world vs a made up one.

World Setting

  • The quandary of setting your novel in your own world versus the “real world”
  • Own World:
    • You make the rules
    • Generally requires more extensive notes/planning
    • Generally more description needed to explain “new” things
    • Must make sense within the rules you make
    • Can be easier to “make it work”
    • Interesting argument in the “if it’s a horse, just call it a horse” area
    • Example: The Guardian
  • Real World
    • Must decide “how real”, i.e. your own locations within the context of our world or a real city with fake locations
      • Example: Broken Wing, fake city within real area
    • Must make sense or be accurate within that framework, even with made up elements
      • Example: Aisuru and oops locations – neglected to take into account the scope of the Hokkaido prefecture
        • Story set in Hakodate, Hokkaido
        • A shopping trip was going to be in Stellar Place in Sapporo but when I began mapping it out, it turned out to be over 3 hours by train from Hokdate – rewrite scene to set in the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse
        • Another chapter had characters visiting Asahiyama Zoo which is over SIX hours away! In this case, was going to rewrite the entire scene to have visit Mount Hakodate instead but ended up dropping as it served no purpose
      • Requires less explanation/detail – people know what the basic features are so they don’t need to be explained as much

Progress Report: Finished chapter 9 and deleted chapter 10.

Goal: Be up to what is now chapter 14 by September 15th

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