S1, E9: It’s Not Just Words

In this rare mid-week episode, I discuss the difficult topic of online bullying and the whole response to GoodReads and other sites attempting to curb such behavior on from their users.

Note: this episode does have one or two instances of “strong language”.

It’s Not Just Words

  • GoodReads and Triggering
  • Bullying on GoodReads, Gamespot, etc
  • Reactions of those sites
  • Reactions of users of the sites
  • Writer’s and the idea of “it’s just words”
  • Not about “bad reviews” and it isn’t all one-sided, the virtol flows both ways
  • I won’t ask for change, because I understand: better to defend and avoid than become a target yourself

Progress Report & Goals: Nothing to report – NaNo Time!

Random Recommendation: The Laramie Project (play originally created by Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theater Project; http://www.laramieproject.org/ ; there is also an abridged movie version available on DVD)