S2, E28: Extempore 9

After briefly talking about the release of the season two episodes to YouTube and minor updates to the site, I give a shout out to the Self Publishing Podcast fellows (http://selfpublishingpodcast.com/) and their Fiction Unboxed event! Then I talk some more about my continued revision struggles as I begin The 90-Day Rewrite and the idea of outlining Aisuru, as well as sharing a few epiphanies I had while getting ready to talk about the confusions I had.

  • Season 2 of TLW is now available via YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/anmanatsu or check the YouTube tab from my Google+ page
  • Minor updates to the website to update the listening options on the podcast page and to correct the Stitcher link
  • Continued revision struggles – read first part of The 90-Day Rewrite. Got to the part of starting the actual revision and stalled again.  The first week walks you through making a new outline for your story.
    • Should be easy…right? So why haven’t I gotten it done?
    • I’ve always had a hard time outlining completed works – I have no idea why. It’s a weird quirk that I really need to push past.
    • The bigger issue, I think, is just this mental wall of static I have going right now that is making it hard for me to do a lot of stuff. Feeling incapable, inadequate, useless.
    • I struggle with the idea of the “three acts” and translating the structure points and questions that should guide the outline. Watt talks about the “key experiences” in the “hero’s journey.”  Is Sakura the hero?  He also uses protagonist, so I’m presuming so.
    • For the first act of the story, the questions revolve around what the protagonist wants, which I can of course answer, but also about her expected “false belief”? It’s hard for me to fully understand what he means, and I couldn’t even come up with an answer until just now, as I started to talk about it for this episode.  I think for Sakura this would be her view that her isolation is for the best and that she is happy this way. At the same time, she longs for companionship and is afraid to die alone.
    • I think part of the reason I struggle understanding some of it is the examples in the main text make no sense. I think it would have helped if he had used more story examples versus just vague generalities, i.e. pointing out such bits in other writing.
    • Probably over thinking a lot of it and really just need to sit down and do it! Instead of worrying so much about whether this is “right” or not, I need to trust my story and focus purely on making sure I’m telling it correctly and in a way true to the characters.
    • As the first week of work begins, Mr. Watt includes a rewrite mantra. I should print it out and put it on my wall: “My book is a work in progress. By maintaining a spirit of curiosity, everything I write, rewrite and edit either belongs , or is leading me to what ultimately belongs in my story. I am uniquely qualified to write this story, and through this process I will not abdicate authority over my work to anyone, including agents, publishers, family or friends. This does not mean that at some point I will not ask for feedback, but I will not make changes without first checking with myself that the changes serve what I am attempting to express, even if I am not able to articulate it. My impulses and hunches are precious assets. If one’s critical opinion does not ring true, regardless of the source, I will disregard it. I trust that what I am expressing is valid because my impulses are valid.” – Watt, Alan (2012-06-26). The 90-Day Rewrite: The Process of Revision (p. 58). The 90-Day Novel Press. Kindle Edition.
    • April is almost over, but with that mantra in my head, I’m going to sit down and work on outlining Aisuru! I will stop using the lack of a “clean” notebook as an excuse!