S2, E29: Extempore 10

This week my main focus is Aisuru’s new outline and the story changes that will be resulting from it, but I may also mention a bit about my recent reading adventures and my garden!

  • Still struggling, obviously. My depression is ebbing and flowing (and being really annoying).  I also think I’m just in a pattern now of not doing much and I have to make myself break it.  For example, I procrastinated and found all sorts of excuses not to do Aisuru’s outline, but when I finally just sat down and said “work on it, do at least a little” I finished the whole thing and enjoyed doing it.  I guess I just need to kick my own butt more!
  • Finished the new outline for Aisuru!! Yay! It’s 10 pages long y’all!  Now I just need to go through it one more time for the various focuses from the rest of the week 1 stuff, see if I need to add anymore scenes or the like, then I can move on to week two. From my quick skimming, this will all be focused on the first 20 pages or so, I.e. the opening to the “inciting incident” which in Aisuru’s case is Sakura and Kazuki’s first meeting.  This will either be really fun or a real challenge as I basically decided to move the opening “back” a bit, meaning I have whole new opening to write!
  • Outline insights and great insights from Madeline
    • Need for a different opening
    • Need for much more of Kazuki’s world and thoughts
    • Need for better incorporation of some minor characters
    • Clearer guidance on the “rules of magic”
  • Find I have to constantly remind myself it’s okay to tell the story as it wants to be told, regardless of the “rules” or some feedback that might say “no no, that’s wrong”. This is Sakura and Kazuki’s story, it is my job to simply tell it to the best of my abilities. 🙂

Monthly Goals: (for May AND June) Continue revising Aisuru. Start Tome 2 of my novel adaptation project. Get back on pace with TLW episodes!

Music Clip: Persphone by Snowflake CC BY 2.5 via CCMixter (http://ccmixter.org/files/snowflake/22364)