S2, E37: Extempore 11

I’m back! Kind of a hodge podge episode today, so join me as I share various news, including my Camp NaNo results, then wade into the Amazon vs Hachette debate again. I also talk about the idea of doing a crowdfunding campaign for Aisuru, and the frustrations with the lack of info on what readers think about them and how to really calculate funds needed.

  • Long break from regular topics due to Camp NaNo and sporadic episodes due to illness (first digestive, then resp infection which appears to be trying to return) bleh!
  • New Zoom H1 recorder!
  • Camp NaNo/Aisuru – finished at 72,079 words, just short of my goal; chapters 1-7 are done, 8-10 are written, but need one more going over, 11 is in progress
  • Self-Publishing Podcast guys have launched their new site, Sterling & Stone at http://sterlingandstone.net/ which is their new global label/company
    • Highly recommend going by because they are posting a ton of great info on their blog, including The Authorpreneur’s Almanac available free for anyone who signs up as a S&S Starter (also free) – released every Sunday and really getting into the business of S&S itself, starting with the Q&As they used to get their new product manager on board with the new company. It’s a lot of info, but to me, it’s worth taking the time to wade through, especially if you are going 100% indie!
  • Amazon/Hachette fight continues
    • Amazon breaks the silence on the issues at hand – they say most eBooks should be $9.99 or less for best sales, which results in more money, Hachette wants to continue to price their eBooks at $14.99 and up – prices most people are unwilling to pay for a regular novel
    • Hachette continues advertising and having the media and some of their big authors villify Amazon. This week Amazon released their statement and called on readers and writers to write Hachette to negotiate
    • People continuing to position it as Hachette being “for authors” (BS) and Amazon “for readers” (BS) – they are companies – their primary goal is their own profit
    • Also being framed as “traditional” versus “indie” – while it seems like the supporters are lining up along that line to some degree, not all
    • Amazon is “punishing authors” – no, Amazon is conducting business – their sole responsibility is to their own employees – Hachette is holding its own authors hostage by refusing to come to terms to even allow them to continue to make money while Amazon and Hachette hash it out
    • Some people very wrongly calling Amazon a “monopoly” – I worry for our education systems when people so grossly misunderstand that term…Suddenlink is a monopoly in our area – only cable provider, meaning one choice. There aremany many places to buy books – Barnes & Noble,Walmart,Powells, independent sellers, etc and pretty much everything else Amazon sells too – just because you don’t “like” the choices doesn’t mean Amazon is a monopoly
      • Last year Barnes & Noble did the same thing to Simon & Schuster – no big media coverage, no petitions, nothing – it was business as usual
    • Meanwhile, this fight has now been going on for 3 months…and never should have been public
  • Kickstarter/Crowdfunding
    • Lots on why it works
    • Very little on calculating the amount to ask for – have to think of not only the actual funds needed but the money for rewards
    • How to readers feel about them?

Monthly Goals: Finish Aisuru – the only goal, with a new incentive.  Every week past August 31st I’m late will cost me $5 in my fun money for six months (I budget $50 a month)