So Much Happening At Once!

Less than 10 hours until NaNo 2014 gets underway and I start work on my woefully unprepped novel, Duality. Talk about stress? As if I didn’t have enough with NaNo, it’s also less than 10 hours until Aisuru‘s PubSlush campaign launches!! At least, I’m presuming it kicks off at midnight. Minimal goal is $2,500 with overall goal of $4,000.

You can check out the campaign and, if you desire, offer support by preordering copies of Aisuru at

So, as if I didn’t have enough going on with those two very big deals, I also sent the first chapter of Aisuru to two editors (narrowed down from over a dozen curated ones over the last month). and have received their sample edits back.  Both edits were good and I’ll spend more time evaluating them, but they also caused me to have serious rounds of self-confidence issues regarding Aisuru‘s first chapter.

Oh, and because I’m a masochist or something I decided to try playing around with WordPress to see about adding a blog (after all), as a way of being able to share some things it’s just difficult to do via Facebook or Google+.  For example, I’d like to share some Scrivener tricks and stuff, but that’s nearly impossible to do well with just voice podcasting.  A blog would also allow for a better format for the episode lists and allow me to add more detailed show notes to each episode, versus just the quick description I toss in for the iTunes directory.

Anyway, I’m mostly finally decided I just needed to not deal with the editing stuff now at all and just focus on getting through the first weekend of NaNo.  I have today to finish attempting any prep work on Duality as I’ll start writing at midnight!   I also probably keep the blog very simple for now as I’m still debating doing it via this .com or downloading and installing it on my own server so I can add plug-ins and do a custom template.   This version, for example, won’t let me embed the Spreaker player in posts, even if I do upgrade to a paid account.