Importing Done!

Yesterday I continued my ever-present quest to procrastinate from what I really should be doing and worked on preloading this place with all of my previous episodes.  Fortunately, I was able to flex my programming skills and whipped up a quick script to do the first part of the importing, namely grabbing the episode titles, summaries, and play links and dumping them into a single import file for WordPress.

I then had to go through all of those posts and clean them up a bit to add tags, categories, and so forth.  I also started adding my actual show notes from my Scrivener file.  Initially I was just going to do the last 10 episodes, as cleaning up the formatting to make them paste nicely into WordPress was time-consuming.  However, I remembered Scrivener stores all those files as RTFs so I just opened those and was then able to quickly copy/paste with little extra work needed!

Long story short, all of the past episodes now have my show notes included as well!  Keep in mind, though, that I did not do much to them at all other than occasionally linking sites and the like for easier reference.  I didn’t fix them into sentences or go back and rearrange them if I ended up talking out-of-order or things like that.

For some episodes, I had very sparse notes – pretty much nothing more than what became the summary of the episode.  In those cases, there won’t be any additional notes.  Alas, the MP3 player is just the basic one from your browser, versus the nicer Spreaker app.  As I mentioned in my last episode, this is one reason I’m still debating on sticking with the .com or in flipping to an installed version where I can put in the plugins that would be useful to me (including finding a better tag display versus that darn cloud over there!)

But for now, it’s a start and if I do decide to flip to installed, I can easily export all the posts and reimport them 🙂