S2, E45: NaNo 2014, Special 1

Episode 45 is now available for you to listen to!

Episode Notes:

  • First of the NaNo episodes – which will be short and primarily giving updates about Aisuru, the PubSlush campaign, and my NaNo progress; similar to an Extempore episode only with a NaNo bend
  • Got a new microSD card for the H1 – 8 Gig Lexar snagged at Office Max for $7 on sale! Now have 7 hours, 43 minutes of recording time, yeah!
  • Potential round table episode in the future, but still a very tenuous idea at this stage
  • The PubSlush campaign has begun! Currently have two supporters and project is 4% funded! It’s also, as of this recording, being displayed on the front page of the PubSlush site as one of the “most recent” projects, which is hopefully increasing exposure. I’ll be adding a video “letter” by Tuesday at the latest.

  • I received the sample edit from my second selected editor.  So now must make the decision as to which one I want to go with. Had a mild crisis of faith in my revisions to Aisuru as the second editor strongly encouraged me to have a developmental edit instead of just a copy-edit.
    • I wish I’d finished soon enough to let my betas read it before NaNo season began so I had a better feel for whether this was just due to the 1st chapter having some weaknesses or if it really is indicative of the whole novel having a few problems to clean up.
    • Still, I liked that she was honest about her impressions.
    • The prices and turn around time are greatly different between the two – one would be just under $1,000 for both a copy-edit and follow-up proofreading while the other would be $1,000 for just the substantive edit with a two month turn around time
    • Decided to really put off thinking about it and making that decision until this week, once we were through the start of NaNoWriMo!
  • Spent the week way over stressed about a bunch of stuff that basically caused my brain to do a protective mental shut down Saturday; spent the day snuggling in my warm fuzzy robe and later got ice cream and hugs from my sweetie.
  • I started doing a blog…yes, I know, I’ve said all along that I am doing this show in lieu of a blog. However, I’ve come to realize that my current website listings are getting more difficult to navigate as the show continues on and that two, if I talk about something in the showyouhavetorelisten to it to get reminded about it.
    • Blog will primarily be a new way of presenting the episode info, versus my current tabular way – in addition to being able to listen directly from the page, the individual pages will also have my mildly cleaned up show notes for that episode to give a longer form of “what it’s about” versus just the short blurb I can fit in on the MP3s; also enable me to occasionally do posts about Scrivener or the like where screenshots would be important
    • It will NOT fully launch until December sometime – I’ve started it in that I’ve set it up on WordPress.com and threw in one episode, but it is by no means fully ready.
    • Still debating on using WordPress.com or installing my own due to lack of customization, lack of a plug-in for embedding the Spreaker player, etc; conversely debating moving off my current host due to continued issues with downtime and maybe just switching to a paid installation of WordPress
    • Still figuring out how to bulk import the existing episode posts (back dated of course)
    • It’s NaNo time and I have enough on my plate as is
    • So with all those caveats, if you guys want to check it out, please use //blog – it will redirect to the WordPress.com address. I’m recommending using that link because if I do decide to go with my own installation, the link will stay the same.
  • As for NaNoWriMo 2014 – I got off to a really slow start…like seriously slow. I can’t remember any year where I got through the first 24 hours of NaNo without at least a few words – this year I had nothing. I was really struggling to get it going due to a few things 
    • The aforementioned crisis of faith
    • Not enough time to really let myself marinate on the story due to all the stuff I was doing in October, so didn’t get nearly as good a feel for my characters and story
    • Having a difficult time explaining the story without people presuming it was an erotica piece with 18 year olds; yes, it will have sex, yes the boys are playboys, no it isn’t erotica!  It’s a very character-driven work about the relationship between my three main characters, and while it will result in essentially a “threesome”, the focus is their relationship, how they change because of it, and the challenges it poses.
    • Excessively bothered by people’s seeming negative reaction to hearing what the story was about
    • The planning turning out to not work as well as I hoped, though may have been due to the lack of time to really get into my story – learned more about my characters in the first chapter of writing than I’d been able to fill in on my character sheets
    • Am behind on where I “should” be, but not concerned at this point and will not allow myself to worry as I have enough worries 🙂  Will try to do some catch up during the week and will certainly be writing Wednesday

Duality Word Count: 2,052