S2, E46: NaNo 2014, Special 2

It’s the second of my NaNo episodes, so mostly short and full of updates! Starting off with the PubSlush campaign’s progress, or lack there of, and my doubts on its likely success. Then I talk about the WordPress situation some more and my continued indecision on the editing choice, particularly regarding the financial implications. Then, after doing the actual updates on my turtle-speed NaNo progress, I share the opening of the third chapter.


  • PubSlush campaign is still going. I added a video (as promised) and its up to three supporters and 4% funded.
  • To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed. I wasn’t expecting people to just flock to it, but I did hope for a somewhat better response. I seriously debated going ahead and shutting it down if I didn’t get anymore supporters by today, but several folks convinced me to be more patient so letting it run on for another week.
  • Updated the WordPress blog to import all of the episodes (with MP3 players) and my show notes from each
  • At this point I’m pretty sure I’m going to go with a self-hosted installation in the end, but I’m still working on finding a decent template for it. I hate to push it up to the site now looking so bleh. Ideally I’d just find one close enough then hack the heck out of it, but that would eat into my NaNo time and enough stuff is already doing that.
  • When I do launch it, it will take over the whole site, rather than me having to maintain some pages separately. Will make life much easier on the whole, but also means making sure find the necessary plugins and stuff so I can replicate the features on the public end from the current homemade site I like. I do have all the pages and stuff made, though, so really if I could find a decent template, I’d go with that for now and just deal with making it better later.
  • I still haven’t been able to decide between the two edits or if I want to go with the full story edit or just the copy-edit. Obviously, if the Pubslush fails, I have to think even more carefully about how I spend my money as I will be wiping out a good chunk of my savings, sans my emergency fund, to pay for it all.
  • As for my NaNo novel:
  • Still way behind, in part due to continuing to struggle to even write. Thus far, most of my words have been done during the write-ins and sometimes for a few hours after. Other days, though, I barely touch it.
  • So I’m almost 4,500 words behind, though I managed to do some good catching up today, adding nearly that many words to my novel and getting over the 10k line
  • It isn’t that I’m not enjoying the story, I’m loving it every time I sit and write! My characters are fleshing out well, and turning out to be even more deeply flawed than I imagined.
  • It’s just getting myself to write that’s the problem! I’m not doing well with actually putting the butt in the chair and forcing myself to write, versus messing with the blog or worrying over Aisuru or just vegging because my brain is mush.
  • Share a snippet, opening of Chapter 3: Date.

Word Count: 10,500

Links: https://aisuru.pubslush.com