S2, E47: NaNo 2014, Special 3

Week two of NaNo is in the bag! After whining about the cold a bit, I talk about my decision to cancel Aisuru’s crowdfunding campaign, the increase in my website traffic, introduce Aisuru’s new editor, and (of course) give an update on my NaNo progress. Spoiler alert, I’m still behind!


  • Cold as crud – went from pleasant low to mid 70s to crazy cold for November; seriously it got down to freezing some nights with lows in the 20s! Tonight the low is 26!! All that combined with biting winds.
  • Aisuru PubSlush hit the half way point in terms of time today
    • Only 4 supporters and 5% funded
    • Looking at the research and the statistics, I know at this point, the project is extremely unlikely to succeed. For the quick reasons I can think of:
      • Not enough social connections – statistics show you need at least 100 friends on social media to make a project successful; adding up all of my accounts I don’t even have that many
      • Not enough interest among those friends – really just a handful (literally) that had enough interest to either share or support, so no way word can get out there
    • Will go into deeper discussion in my first episode in December when I can really analyze and what not
    • Considering all the other stuff going on, it seems pointless to keep dragging it out, so I shut down the project as of this morning – interestingly, PubSlush just does a full delete, page gone, not even a lingering note behind. Seems fitting…
  • Good news – since flipping to the WordPress site and adding in the show notes, my site traffic has nearly doubled! Also in the random notes, this week’s Spreaker stats show I had at least one listener each from Great Britain, Romania, and the Philippines! That’s rather cool.
  • Duality NaNo Progress
    • Still nearly 3 days behind (and by the time most of you listen to this, over 3 days)
    • Story is coming along well; learning more about my characters all the time and just how messed up their lives are

Word Count: Just over 22,000 words

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