S2, E48: NaNo 2014, Special 4

Next to the last of the NaNo episodes for this year, and I start by yapping about our wacky weather again before getting to the important stuff, like how I kicked butt this week and got caught up on my NaNo novel. Yeah baby! And, because the episode ended up being so short, I read another snippet of Duality just for you guys! Enjoy!


  • Because Texas weather is Texas weather, we went back up to the mid-70s this last week, after I did all that work getting good to go for the cold stuff! LOL. That’s our weather for you though. I’m sure it will get cold again soon enough. This week its supposed to be highs in the low to mid 60s and lows in the upper 30s, so going back down to more normal temps. Still, I won’t complain if it stays placid since it saves on the electric bill and keeps me from shivering.
  • Quick Site Update: Figured out how to update the site templates so that the front page now also shows my most recent blog entry! Yay!
  • Duality NaNo Progress
    • Thus far this month, I’ve been behind every single day of NaNo. At some points I was as much as 7,200 words behind the daily word count goals. This week, though, has been an amazing week!
    • On the 18th, I cranked out just over 3300 words, then on the 19th I added another 2600, closing the gap. Then I was bad, again, and skipped two days.
    • Last night though, I spent 3 hours holed up in my office doing word sprints with myself. By the time I stopped, I had 4,200 words added to my story!
    • Then today, I went to my region’s big 6 hour write in and I was super productive, cranking out words like a woman possessed! By the end of the event, I’d written over 6500 words bringing me to around 38,800 words and past the official target for today of 38,333! So finally, for one day at least, I am all caught up and back on schedule!!!
    • More than enough story left to carry me through to 50,000 and probably beyond. Just have to keep on writing, and not let myself slack off too many days in this last week.
    • Snippet share!

Word Count: 38,853