Site Update

So, you may have noticed things look quite different around here!  Well, this afternoon I “pulled the switch” so to speak after I finished working out the final kinks with WordPress and flipped the whole site to use the WordPress platform, using the self-hosted option.

This allowed me to have nifty stuff like the Spreaker player, using Disqus for comments, adding Google Analytics, and most importantly, being able to customize this theme to my own needs.  I’ll be really playing with the design more in December, after NaNo and Aisuru’s campaign are done, but for now it should (mostly) do 🙂

I will be trying, time permitting, to figure out a few hopefully smaller things to do like:

  • get the most recent post to also show on the home page (versus just the title in the sidebar)
  • get the podcast links back on the TLW page
  • figure out how to auto post that there are new blog entries to FB and Google+

If you pop in and find the site design looking wonky, it’s probably because I’m actively tinkering with it, though I’ll try to do most of that the mirror I have in my dev environment.  🙂

Meanwhile, the version is gone, since there was no reason to keep it and I wasn’t about to pay $15 to have a redirect for something up such a short time.