Aisuru Read Through and Template Progress

Other than a rather amazing number of typos and a few corrections I need to fix some inconsistencies, I must admit, I loved this revision Aisuru enough that I read the whole thing tonight in one straight go. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, even though I know this story like the back of my hand.

I can only hope others will feel the same once all the final polishing is done. Tomorrow I’ll begin that polishing process, fixing the conflicts and trying out that editing program. Hopefully it can help me re-find most of those wrong words since I know I didn’t get them all marked.

Weee!! I also thought of some hopefully fun giveaways to come when I do Aisuru’s online launch party next year and some things to go in Aisuru’s “FAQ” section for fan trivia 🙂

Earlier today, I also got some work done on fixing up this site’s template more like I would like it.  WordPress templates are complicated!!!  Anyway, among other things, the version I’m crafting on will:

  • be more responsive to different browser sizes and not waste so much space in regular computer screens
  • will have all the social media and podcast icons at the top so they are easy to find versus being in the left side menu
  • will restore the fonts and some of the design elements from my original site
  • have the TLW Episodes area have a bit of top text about the show like it used to
  • have some sort of image that pushes in when sharing on FB and stuff 🙂

I will also be looking at options for selling copies directly from the site, so I can offer extra goodies and bundles I won’t be able to offer via Amazon.