S2, E52: 2014 In Review

It’s the final episode of Season 2 and 2014, so I reflect on my writing life this year: what was good, what was bad, and the in-between stuff as well as how I did on my 2014 goals. I also share the list of top five (or so) episodes of the show in terms of listens before wrapping up by revealing my goals/plans for 2015!

News & Notes:

  • The Lackadaisical Writer now has a proper intro page and the episode posts are grouped by season for easier access from the menu. You can also just go straight to the TLW page to listen to the latest episode.
  • The Disqus commenting formatting is fixed so it’s actually visible (I actually fixed that right after the last episode LOL)
  • Behind the scenes I set up a blog back up and site down alerts…if you are using WordPress and you do not have a backup plugin running, go get UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore – highest rated of the ones available, the free version is perfect for most needs, and it’s all automated; never trust host backups!
  • Discovered Spreaker can now push my episodes directly to YouTube for me! This means YouTube listeners will no longer have a 1 hour delay on new episodes as it just takes me a few minutes to update the title, text, and settings. This did change the look of the background that shows while listening though, but it isn’t too hideous.

Main Topic(s):

Year in Review

  1. The Bad
    1. The Pubslush Campaign (see episode 50 for the longer break down of this one)
  2. The In-Between
    1. Aisuru’s Revision Time! It just TOOK way too long, far longer than it should have and kept me from really doing much else with other works or getting it out in 2014 like I planned; but I can’t totally call it bad because I love the end result so the delays were, in the end, worth the wait I think (hope)
    2. Listenership of TLW is fairly flat lined
  3. The Good
    1. Aisuru Revised and off to editor!
    2. Getting Zenbi Press set up and continuing to work to learn more of the business side of being an indie author
    3. Website Update/Conversion to WordPress, have seen consistent increase in web traffic since the update!
    4. Show Progression and Better Consistency

Top Five (Sort of) Episodes of TLW

Based on overall number of plays and downloads πŸ™‚

  1. S1, E10 – Ted Talk by a landslide with 85! You guys love Ted!
  2. Two episodes tied for second, with 63 each: S2, E24: You, I, and Anne Marie! and S2, E19: Never Pay! Well, Except…
  3. With 56 listens, to my surprise in third is S1, E1: Introduction
  4. Tied for fourth with 55 each is S2, E26: By Request – Ideas & Future and S1, E6 – The Ten Rules of Writing Or Not
  5. Tied for fifth @ 53 each: S2, E32: The More You Know and another surprise, S2, E25: Extempore 8

Goal Results – this may be a little depressing πŸ˜›

  1. Finish story edits for Aisuru by March 1st
  2. Get Beta feedback on Aisuru by May 1st
  3. Final polish/edit of Aisuru by July 31st
  4. Create press release and other promo materials for Aisuru before release
  5. Release Aisuru before August 31st!
    • Obviously all of those were fails in terms of dates; Aisuru I did get story edits and sent off to the editor and a final beta read, but only in October, so won’t be out till 2015
  6. Finish Media Kit
    • Also failed, since Aisuru wasn’t done till October
  7. Finish and print first Tome of novelization project by January 31st
    • I did get the first Tome done, though looking back on it, I wish I’d had more time to give it a good revision LOL
  8. Finish and print second Tome by June 31st
  9. Finish and print final Tome Novelization Project by December 31st
    • Again, all fails (sorry sweetie!)
  10. Decide on 2nd Novel to focus on
    • I kind of sort of did, but I’m not positive yet; tentatively it’s Reconstruction though Duality is also tempting
  11. Win NaNo 2014 with new novel
    • Took it down to the last day, but I did it πŸ™‚
  12. Record and post at least 40 episodes on season 2 of The Lackadaisical Writer
    • My main point with this goal was being more consistent with the show episodes, which I did mostly achieve but again, came in under the count on desired number
  13. Read at least 2 writing/craft books
    • I started several, just didn’t finish any of them. One I skimmed the second half as it just kinda got bleh, I have one I’m reading now (Write. Publish. Repeat) which is too long to finish before the 1st.
  14. Participate in rough draft exchange
    • While I did do a novel exchange with one writing buddy, it wasn’t quite was I was aiming for; we ended up not doing the usual one this year where a bunch of us share in our writing group; hoping others will want to for 2015. So wasn’t quite a success or a failure since part of the purpose of the goal was for me to step outside that comfort zone and let someone else read my writing besides my sweetie and my mom. πŸ˜‰
  15. Explore writing organizations and join one
  16. Update website toHTML5,CSS3, and using responsive grid/fluid design for improved mobile friendliness
    • The switch to WordPress addressed quite a bit of this goal, though the template is clearly not HTML 5 since it’s an older one; it is more mobile friendly though πŸ™‚

Looking Towards 2015 with New Goals/Plans:


  1. Process edits and final beta feedback for Aisuru by end of February
  2. Decide on Aisuru release date
  3. Get final version of Aisuru formatted for print and eBook releases
  4. Get a shopping cart system set up on the site to allow for direct sales options
  5. Finalize release plans for Aisuru
  6. Release Aisuru and celebrate!

Other Works

  1. Finish Duality by end of January
  2. Decide on second release (2R) by end of February
  3. Revise 2R by end of August
  4. Send 2R to beta readers
  5. Participate in at least one of the Camp NaNoWriMo’s and use the month to work on Tome 2 of the novelization gift project
  6. Decide 2015 NaNo novel by October 1st
  7. Prep 2015 NaNo novel so can hit ground running on November 1st
  8. Finish 2015 NaNo novel

Site and Show

  1. Release at least 40 episodes of The Lackadaisical Writer
  2. Expand Media Kit
  3. Craft a better “Stories” page
  4. Add page for 2R
  5. Do at least three blog posts and/or videos on Scrivener-topics for fellow Windows version users
  6. Send at least one newsletter per month, preferably first week of the month
  7. Create a YouTube intro video and get it on the channel

Other Stuff

  1. Get logo for Zenbi Press including version for book spines
  2. Finish reading Writer Dad
  3. Finish reading Write. Publish. Repeat.
  4. Read at least one more business and/or indie-publishing focused non-fiction book