S3, E53: 2R Candidates

For the start of season three, after a bit of venting on issues with WordPress and a doing plug for the newsletter, I discuss some of the potential contenders for the 2R position, i.e. my second novel to be released after Aisuru comes out in a few months. After reviewing some of the more unlikely choices, I focus on my top contenders for deeper thoughts on both.

This episode finishes up with a bit of a bonus – a reading of the current (very rough) first chapters of both of these options! Suffice to say, this one is a long one!

News & Notes:

  • Struggled with issues on the site with WordPress that no one seemedto be able to explain: namely that after changing thepermalink setting to something beyond the default for nicer search engine (and human readable) links, all the links within WordPress for my categories and my tags stopped working. They just gave page not found errors.
    • I tried all the “fixes” I’d found through the frustrating searches, namely:
      • Tried turning off all plugins
      • Flipped to one of the core themes
      • Tried deleting the .htaccess and letting it rebuild it
      • Tried other permalink options – only the lack of them works
      • Tried reinstalling WordPress through the web admin
    • What finally worked? Deleting almost all the WordPress files off the server (except the config and the content directories) and reinstalling 4.01 manually, then resaving the permalinks one last time. Yay for working again!
  • Despite that, I have managed to do more site updates! I’ve added pages talking about my writing process and sharing some quick tidbits on stories I’m working on; also made the subscription form to my newsletter easier to find (you are subscribed…right? ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • Finished playing Tales of Symphonia and now moved on to Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (both on PS3); finished the former in 20 days, 60 hours of game play time…I felt like a 20-something again ๐Ÿ˜€ Awesome series with very complex stories and multi-layered characters

Main Topic:

One of my goals for 2015 is to decide on my second release novel, codenamed 2R in my goals, before the end of February, so I decided for this episode we’d take a look at some of possible contenders

Probably nots:

  1. Guardian
    • Epic fantasy; started in 2006 then restarted from scratch for the 2012 NaNo (and significantly improved)
    • LOVE this story
    • But not a strong contender as the first draft is far from being finished (I’d estimate it will come in at 150k words, and right now it’s at around 50-60k)
  2. Broken Wing
    • Romance written for the 2008 NaNo
    • First complete novel I wrote and while traditional wisdom would declare it to be a “trunk” novel without hesitation I find that “wisdom” to be BS
    • In alpha status; have read multiple times and its a good solid story that would need revision, updating
    • It isn’t pulling me strongly, though, and it’s one that was originally written with a presumption of it being at least a trilogy type story, if not a series, set in the same town with the same core characters

Two I’m learning towards

  1. Reconstruction
    • A novel I wrote for my 2010 NaNo; read twice since then but have not done any revision on it yet other than cutting stuff I’d already figured out during NaNo was being cut (and that could still come back…)
    • A post-apocalyptic romance, sort of; Is “complete” at 48,591 words (complete meaning it goes from start to finish)
    • Pretty sure it needs some heavy revision – much of it was written more out of desperation to get down words as I had no clue where to start it or how to go at some points
    • Need to flesh out some characters more who become important at the end but didn’t get enough building earlier to justify it
    • Challenge of the format – currently first half is journal entries, second half is present third-person limited; keep it that way or find a way to blend better? At first I was alternating them, but not sure if that worked better or would be more distracting
    • In it’s current state, this story that practically begs for a sequel – many questions are left unanswered by the end….questions I have no answers to myself…
  2. Deviations
    • The 2014 NaNo novel, formerly known as Duality ๐Ÿ™‚
    • Romance, probably considered YA depending on views
    • Unfinished, though probably 75-80% done and will be done by the end of this month (at least that’s my goal)
    • Another one with a challenging format, as it’s multiple first-person POV with the additional “gotcha” of having a non-standard romance/story
    • But I freaking love this story! I want to share this story with others.
  3. Read the rough chapters of each ones’ current rough drafts

Would love to know what you guys think – which one do you find more intriguing?