S3, E59: Aisuru Launch Plans

Aisuru’s launch date is revealed as well as other launch details in this over caffeinated episode including formats that will be available, platforms, and potential pricing.  I also talk about some options that will not be available and why.

News & Notes:

  • Met my deadline of having the Aisuru edit processing done by March 7th, yay!

Main Topic:

  1. Okay, so this is it…Aisuru’s launch is now imminent!! OMG, I am so stoked (and freaked, definitely freaked)
  2. Release date: March 27th!!!!
  3. Formats:
    • Paperback, 5.5” x 8.5”, approximately 400 pages (ISBN: 978-0-9961612-0-6)
    • Kindle/Mobi (ISBN: 978-0-9961612-2-0)
    • EPub (ISBN: 978-0-9961612-3-7)
    • TBD – Hardback, 6” x 9”, approximately 380 pages (ISBN: 978-0-9961612-1-3) – IngramSpark issues (prices are crazy high); still exploring other potential avenues for just printing and selling direct to start and distro later
  4. What about pricing?
    • Paperback – $12.99-14.99 (US) BP/EUR price still to be determined
    • EBook/Kindle – $4.99-6.99
    • Hardback – if it happens, probably $19.99-25.99
  5. Platforms:
    • Amazon – Paperback and Kindle (duh)
    • Barnes and Noble – ePub on Nook
    • Kobo – ePub
    • Apple iBooks via Draft2Digital
    • Direct from my site – this will be the BEST way to get the print versions, especially for US buyers: lower prices, option to have me stamp them with my artist stamp! My site will also be the only way to get bundles 🙂
    • Why not Smashwords? – Requirement to make a special version with “Smashwords Edition” in it as if they were a publisher instead of a distributer (or Walmart)
    • Why not Google Play? – Still figuring out best way to get in there – apparently rather complicated and for very few readers using
  6. SO MUCH TO DO!!!
    1. Proofread from Lauren (in progress now)
    2. Set up the files for the different formats
    3. Order and inspect the print proofs (first one ordered so I can check for any major issues in the cover or formatting)
    4. Download and test formats for digital versions
    5. Get eCommerce system set up on site
    6. Book pages ready to go for release
    7. Media Kit and stuff ready to go
    8. Work on reviews
    9. Interview with Madeline
    10. Launch Party plans
    11. Breathe….