S3, E60: Reverse Interview With Madeline 1

For a bit of a different type of guest appearance, my buddy Madeline dropped in to visit, laugh, and do a great interview with me about Aisuru!  We talk about a TON of stuff, including some inside looks into how Aisuru came about and “behind the scenes” of the story (mildly spoilerish at times).  Oh, I also do the official 2R announcement and the store release

A brief listing of things we talk about during the interview in approximate order 🙂

  • Introducing Madeline
  • Elevator pitch for Aisuru
  • What is a yokai and the relevance of yokai to current Japanese society
  • Meaning of the word Aisuru
  • Influences for the story
  • Research done for Aisuru
  • Cultural differences American readers will find in reading this story set in Japan
  • What parts were the most fun to write
  • Biggest challenge in writing the story
  • How Aisuru breaks from common young adult romance tropes
  • About my pen name of Anma Natsu
  • What I learned as a writer while working on Aisuru
  • About the cover design
  • Who the story appeals to
  • Sakura as a strong female character
  • How to get Aisuru and which method earns me the most money per copy
  • What’s next (2R reveal!)
  • Reviewing Aisuru on Goodreads and elsewhere
  • Final bits left before launch and preordering status
  • Any plans to revisit Aisuru’s characters in a future work?

This interview will also be available on Madeline’s blog at http://madelineturnipseed.blogspot.com/2015/03/aisuru-interview.html, in a few days 🙂

During the episode, I noted that you can now preorder Aisuru from me and if you checked these show notes, you might find some coupon codes.  Well, here they are 🙂

  • Preorder Special!  Take 10% off your entire order with coupon code Z61OX5CVCBWG  (expires 3/27)
  • Ebook Discount!  Get either eBook version for only $2.99 with coupon code PWFBW7J3QASJ (expires 3/31)