S3, E61: First Launch Lessons

I am now officially a published author! Aisuru leaked out a bit early in a few places, though official it doesn’t come out until March 27th. Meanwhile my way overly tired self is reviewing some of the things I’ve learned from this first publication experience so far.

News & Notes:

Aisuru is, for most purposes, launched though a bit early. Some sites are still doing preorders, while others are already shipping (looking at you CreateSpace/Amazon). I’m happy, I’m relieved, I’m tired!

Main Topic:

  • This was the first (and only) time I’ll ever do a release so “last minute” – stressful as heck and resulted in a lot of loss sleep. Was worth it for my first release, but the future ones will definitely be way more planned
    • Don’t even set a release date until all editing and proofing is done – avoids having to rush on both ends
    • Be aware that IngramSpark will take the longest of all distros so start there first and don’t bother with the rest until that one is close enough to done to set a launch date; this is further delayed by the slow production and shipping speeds and costs; also the most expensive so if I’m not seeing many sales through there for the PB I may not bother beyond the hardback
    • Plan plan plan – set a schedule, dates, and stick to it. Be realistic in those dates!
    • Set up any ARC reviews ahead of time, some reviewers only do ARCs
    • Get the blurb and media stuff done once all proofing is done, and get those proofed too!
  • Preordering
    • Places I could set up preorders
      • Kobo
      • KDP
      • Google Play
      • IBooks and Inktera (both via Draft2Digital)
    • Places I could not (and accidentally released early)
      • CreateSpace for prints
      • Nook
  • Distro notes
    • Google Play was not nearly as hard to get into as I’d been led to believe, but make sure as soon as it’s “okay” you go recheck your settings; there were more options after the book was in there than I had when I added it. Changes are live, which is awesome.
    • Nook’s online previewer sucks wad so I’m not 100% sure it’s good or not since I don’t have a Nook; basically presuming it’s okay since the ePub is valid and worked fine everywhere else
      CreateSpace releases the book as soon as you approve the proof! If you want to release on a specific date, don’t hit the button until then (or if you want it on Amazon on that date, then 2-3 days before then)
  • Things I’ll probably do different on Deviations
    • Get the cover done through 99Designs, if I can get all the versions – while I love my cover for Aisuru, it is a ton of work and holding a design contest would take some burden off
    • Get the blurb copy edited and proofed
    • Time the preordering stuff better so things don’t slip out too early 😛