S3, E62: The First Week

This week I share Aisuru’s most of the first week trickling sales numbers and talk about my search for reviews.  Also share some news about the proofs and my giving in to Goodreads.

 News & Notes:

  • Official podcast day has pretty much been moved to Wednesday 🙂
  • IngramSpark proofs are in! Both look pretty good though the hardback colors ended up more muted (and more black/white versus grayscale for the non-colorized parts);  After I give the paperback a more thorough going over, I’ll probably approve it for distribution tonight, the hardback I’m still debating if I want to tweak that color or not
  • Despite my overall desire not to be part of Goodreads, I did give in and make an account just so I could correct Aisuru’s listing since it was missing editions and stuff; I do not intend to do much, if any, social stuff or the like but I did put my 2015 reading list up so anyone interested can track my goal on my 200 reads this year challenge; also have it open for questions for the author

 Main Topic:

Sales numbers for Aisuru – as of today
  1. Direct Sales – 6 orders (all people I know) with 2 hardbacks, 2 paperbacks, 1 ePub, and 1 hardback + kindle bundle
  2. CreateSpace – 1 sale via Amazon
  3. KDP – 2 sales, one at Amazon.co.uk and one at Amazon.fr
  4. No sales from Draft2Digital (iBooks and Inktera), Nook, Kobo, or Google Play
  5. 5 paperback copies given away to friends/family and 1 sent to a reviewer
The search for reviews
  1. Of course hoping for reviews from those who bought the book because they wanted to 🙂
  2. Also carefully looking for reviewers who do review blogs
    • Must of course be accepting reviews, willing to review indie authors, and enjoy young/new adult romance (super bonus points of course if they also enjoy manga!)
    • Have a nice looking site (that web snob in me) and it is currently being updated
    • Must have a clear review policy – just so much easier to know what’s expected/wanted and so forth
    • I do read several of their recent reviews to ensure the style is cool with me
    • Pretty much avoiding any that mention things about not liking a lot of sex or who have issues with non-”traditional” relationships, though more because I’m future thinking than because of particular issues in Aisuru
    • Must take format I actually released in (so eliminated a few that will only take a PDF version)
    • Preference given to those who also post reviews on Amazon and/or other sites
    • I admit, it probably isn’t considering being “smart” but I’m more willing to give newer ones a chance if they have a good site and writing style, since I do like helping others get established too
  3. Also trying out Story Cartel because eh, it’s $25; basically submit story once approved, it becomes free to their users for 3 weeks in agreement for the users to provide honest reviews. SC offers users a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card as part of the process.  Read about mixed results, but figured it was a low cost advertising mechanism if nothing else (post episode update: it is now live, so for the next 3 weeks you can snag Aisuru for free if you’re willing to give it an honest review)