S3, E63: Extempore 15

All over the place in this shorter episode as I give my quick opinions on my latest read, give you an update about Aisuru, try not to vent to much about the delays with the hardback, talk taxes, and hint at a potential upcoming giveaway!

News & Notes:

  • Quick episode because I’m exhausted and don’t have a ton to talk about this week
  • Did decide to save Deviations deep dive for when I finish re-reading it and doing the new outline, so will be awhile yet
  • Finish Self-Publishing Legal Handbook and highly recommend it. Lots of good info in there!
  • Aisuru has had one more sale in Europe, yay! (Kindle via Amazon)
  • Have continued querying selected review bloggers about Aisuru; with a second reviewer saying yes!  On StoryCartel, six people have downloaded Aisuru to date, so more yay. Sure, I hoped for more after a week, but considering there are only four other books in their YA category, it just may be there aren’t that many YA reviewers/readers using the site; and six is still more than 0 😀
  • Still waiting for new digital proofs after the changes I made to the IngramSpark files for Aisuru; so hardbacks are still delayed. 
  • Did my first state sales tax filing with more than just 0s on it – happy because hey, having to file them means having made sales! Did learn that at least in Texas, if you give away copies that you didn’t pay taxes on (which you normally don’t for copies you buy for resell), you still have to pay sales tax on them as if you had sold them! Fortunately, I screwed up and did pay taxes on my first order of paperbacks, so I didn’t have to pay for my review/giveaway copies, but did basically pay double tax on those I sold
  • Speaking of giveaways…keep and eye out for Friday’s newsletter (or tune into next week) for details on my first giveaway! *hint* I suspect I’ll be utilizing a certain site I caved into using last week 😉