S3, E64: Extempore 16

Another extempore episode this week thanks to all the overtime. More Aisuru updates, including the hardback finally being available and that hinted at Giveaway, some quick remarks on Indie ReCon, and a little internal look at dealing with professional envy.

News & Notes:

  1. Another quick episode since again, exhausted (still working tons), and still on “break”
  2. Aisuru updates:
    • FINALLY got the digital proofs from IngramSpark and was able to approve both versions for their distro so Aisuru is now fully released; the hardback is already available on Amazon; my first stocking of hardbacks has been ordered so I should be able to fulfill the existing preorders in another week or two
    • Now registered at Shelfari and updated some of Aisuru’s details there (interesting that it too is run by Amazon…) – still working on getting my editions fixed so they are linked instead of listed separately
    • Goodreads Giveaway – I’m currently running a giveaway on Goodreads – up for grabs 5 paperback copies (stamped of course) of Aisuru! So far over 540 people have entered, with 254 putting Aisuru on their to-read list :-)! It’s open until April 19th.
    • Two more review copies sent out and four more folks have snagged from StoryCartel;NerdGirl has also accepted into their review program – meaning it’s being offered to their reviewers to pick
      • I think at this point, for the most part, I’m done with heavy active marketing on Aisuru for the time being. I’ll probably do a little more promo here and there, but as my break comes to an end my focus will primarily be on Deviations and just waiting for reviews to come in (and of course sharing them when they do)
  3. Indie ReCon
    • Happening this week! Totally free online at http://indierecon.org/
    • Intend to do some posts giving my thoughts on the sessions I’ve watched and my experiences, but so far mostly it’s just finding time to watch! It’s different from going in person because you aren’t setting aside the time just for it, so it’s squeezing it in between overtime (and constant interruptions) trying to listen at work or trying to listen at home on a computer with not so good speakers and while doing other stuff
    • Site design is bad this year in terms of actual usability – hard as heck to find the actual sessions with the videos versus just “here, we’re doing one” and didn’t do as good a job noting which events were really live and which were just videos posting at X time; also they have noted technical issues as well
  4. Dealing with feelings of envy over a fellow “newer” indie who has more reviews and sales than me. I’m happy for him, of course, and proud and hey, if you’re into horror/fantasy go check out Into the Brambles by Daniel Roy Greenfeld right now! But also yeah, a bit envious 🙂
  5. Currently reading: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur: How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki
  6. Finished Final Fantasy X HD Remix (PS3) and now playing Pandora’s Tower on the Wii