S3, E65: Questions from Goodreads

After some Aisuru first month numbers updates and sales announcement, I talk briefly about Google’s search engine change before going into the main topic – answering questions from Goodreads!  Fair warning, I wasn’t feeling well while recording so I am a bit slow at the start and may have rambled a little more than usual in a few spots.


News & Notes:

  • Aisurusale and sales numbers updates
    • Hardback copies came in so all preorders from Aisuru have now been shipped or delivered except one which I’m hand delivering 🙂 And then discovered I had to fix a minor issue in the back blurb text of the cover (deepest apologies for the first 10 slightly flawed copies!)
    • Goodreads giveaway resulted in Aisuru visiting even more countries, with only one of the 5 winners being in the US!
    • Aisuru is on sale April 28th to celebrate my mom’s birthday – whom Aisuruis dedicated too; sale started early on some sites (like most of them actually)
      • $2.99 for the eBook on all sites; on Amazon, if you get the paperback or hardback, you can snag the Kindle edition free
      • On my site, the paperback, hardback, and bundles are all $2 off as well!  
    • Aisuru got its first review up on Amazon, so yay! Also got two ratings on Goodreads without text reviews. 🙂 
    • It’s now been exactly 31 days since Aisuruwas released. I gave you some sales numbers on April 1st.  Since then:
      • No additional direct sales, paperback sales, or hardback sales
      • 3 more KDP sales, all on Amazon.uk and one of which was returned 🙁
      • 1 sale on iBooks
      • 4 more review copies sent out
  • May have heard about Google’s change in search algorithms for mobile users – if not or if you’re not sure what’s going, essentially if someone is using Google from their mobile phone and your site isn’t “mobile friendly” Google will push it down further in the search rankings!
    • You can test your site using a free tool in Google’s webmaster tool suite
    • I tested my site and it failed; fortunately I use the Jetpack plugin for my WordPress – just activated their Mobile Friendly component and passed no problem; a great temporary fix until I can spend some time finding a better, more modern template
    • If you aren’t using Jetpack (why not), Google’s results does offer a wealth of info on how to fix your site to pass the test, including info for some of the most used blogging/CMS platforms and for DIYers

Main Topic:

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the “Ask the Author” feature on Goodreads activated.  One of my regularly visited sites, Indies Unlimited, talked about this feature last week, including inviting folks to link to their Goodreads profiles if they were using it.  From there, I got a couple of questions ask, so I thought I’d share them on the show.  The answers are too long to include here in the notes, so will have to listen to the episode for them 🙂  (I start answering around the 25 minute mark)

  1. To what extent do you think the Japanese culture influences your writing and would you consider your writing to be “literary”?
  2. What other countries have you considered for settings in your books?
  3. I had two similar questions: what I’m writing now and tell us more about Deviations?