Upcoming Sale!

Tuesday, April 28th, is my mom’s birthday. Yes, the same mom to whom I dedicated Aisuru.  To celebrate, Aisuru will be on sale but only for 24 hours (mostly)!!!

So all day on April 28th, the eBook version of Aisuru will only be $2.99 here (of course), as well as on Amazon, Google Play, iBooks, Inktera, Kobo, and Nook.  Now, given that Amazon is kind of jerky and doesn’t give you promotional options if you aren’t in KDP Select, and that I push to iBooks and Inktera through Draft2Digital, some of those sales prices might start early 😉

Also, I’m working tons of overtime right now and I’m a wee bit lazy, so it might start early on my site just so I don’t have to log on at midnight to start it…and because I can, I just might knock the print copies down a little too, at least on my direct sales.  😀