S3, E66: Extempore Episode

Longer than expected episode to give some brief Aisuru updates, my knee & a trip on the light fantastic (aka me and pain pills), Deviations revision progress, and updates on my reading.

News & Notes:

  1. Brief Aisuru updates
    1. Redid Aisuru’s blurb
    2. Aisuru accepted as a Pitch Perfect Pitch at Underground Book Reviews! Now just hoping one of their reviewers will decide to review it as well 🙂
    3. Aisuru got a second review on Amazon, a 5 star! Aisuru got a third rating on Goodreads (also 5 star), this one with a text review which just made me so so happy!
    4. Note: now that Aisuru has been out awhile, sales updates will be more spread out, maybe monthly or quarterly, except to note how any particular promotion or event has affected sales
  2. Me and prescription pain pills – my body is weird! But did get some rest!
  3. Busy weekend
  4. Deviations updates!
    1. Revision time! Going through Janice Hardy’s At-Home Workshop: Revise Your Novel in 31 Days as part of the process to try something a little different 🙂
    2. Slow start, but Sunday night I got the out the dry erase markers and filled my whiteboard with characters notes on Miho, Taka, and Date – a mix of my original Scrivener notes and the things that came out (or changed) in the first draft, or things that I “knew” but are not clear in the draft
    3. Monday I got started on the editorial map – I’m currently finish going through chapters 1-17 out of 26; it’s been immensely helpful already as I have spotted several places I need to add some more scenes or expand short bits because things I thought were said were not LOL
    4. Overall goal/plan is to do just one major revision of Deviations (unlike Aisuru’s ridiculous number) to cover all the big story elements, get beta feedback, fix any final issues, do first round of text clean up, then off to Lauren for editing. 🙂 We’ll see if it actually pans out that way!
  5. Thanks to buying a slightly ridiculous amount of manga this month and the forced rest, I’m now only 5 books behind schedule on my goal of reading 200 books this year, with 67 under my belt. Though one of those I’m not counting. I stopped reading Guy Kawasaki’s APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur book (to learn more about the issues with Author Solutions, check out David’s blog).