2015 Goal Check In: How Did I Do In May?

Pretty much no real progress this month, though a lot of what’s left are ones that won’t be done until near the end of the year.  Still, there are a few I hope to make more progress on in June.

Aisuru – ALL DONE!

  1. Process edits and final beta feedback for Aisuru by end of February  – done!
  2. Decide on Aisuru release date – done!
  3. Get final version of Aisuru formatted for print and eBook releases – done!
  4. Get a shopping cart system set up on the site to allow for direct sales options – done!
  5. Finalize release plans for Aisuru – done!
  6. Release Aisuru and celebrate! – done March 27th Officially!

Other Works

  1. Finish Deviations (formerly Duality) by end of Januarydone!  finished on January 31st at 66,516 words 🙂
  2. Decide on second release (2R) by end of February – was late, but done: 2R will be Deviations!
  3. Revise Deviations (2R) by end of August
  4. Send Deviations to beta readers
  5. Participate in at least one of the Camp NaNoWriMo’s
  6. Decide 2015 NaNo novel by October 1st
  7. Prep 2015 NaNo novel so can hit ground running on November 1st
  8. Finish 2015 NaNo novel

Site and Show

  1. Release at least 40 episodes of The Lackadaisical Writer – 15 released in 2015 so far; a little behind
  2. Expand Media Kit
  3. Craft a better “Stories” page – done!
  4. Add page for 2R – done! initial page for Deviations set up 🙂
  5. Do at least three blog posts and/or videos on Scrivener-topics for fellow Windows version users
  6. Send at least one newsletter per month, preferably first week of the month 
  7. Create a YouTube intro video and get it on the channel – cancelled due to shutting down the YouTube channel after my account being put in “bad standing”
  8. Redo site with new, more modern template that is mobile friendly out the gate; having Bootstap incorporated would be a bonus

Other Stuff

  1. Get logo for Zenbi Press including version for book spinesdone!  logo revealed 2/7  
  2. Finish reading Writer Dad
  3. Finish reading Write. Publish. Repeat. – done! finished 2/22
  4. Read at least one more business and/or indie-publishing focused non-fiction book – finished Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick, gave up on APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawaski and Shawn Welch (and do not recommend)