S3, E68: Extempore – Walking and Talking

For something a little different, I used the Spreaker Android app to record this episode while walking the track and discussing how exercise can help with creativity and ways of drawing inspiration from the activity and location.  Fair warning: though I cleaned up the noise quite a bit, the audio quality is still off a bit and I was breathing heavily because it’s stuffy up there and I walked over half a mile while talking 😛

News & Notes:

  • Aisuru earned its first sale on Kobo!  
    • Not mentioned in the episode (because it happened after I recorded), but Aisuru is also now available on Scribd.
  • Lack of writing progress and enjoying Final Fantasy XIII: Lightening Returns too much
  • Exercising or location changes and how it can unlock creative though processes
  • Drawing inspiration from exercise, including the activity, the setting, etc.
  • Practicing description
  • How putting yourself in your character’s mind while contemplating description from their viewpoints
  • The fun of random MP3s while walking and thinking about stories
  • Why it can be useful to go out to locations used in your stories or trying things your characters might do, when reasonable, such as familiarizing yourself with firearms, and the importance of doing your best to experience them vicariously through available research and tools when you can’t