Destressing and Decluttering: Newsletter and TLW Changes

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Thinking about my writing aspirations, what I am doing now, what I need to do better, and about how I can help reduce my stress and regain my focus on my writing.

One thing I’ve come to realize is I just have too much on my plate, particularly with work being super busy right now.  I know I should be able to handle it all: working my job, doing revisions, planning and implementing promos, the blog, the podcast, etc.  Other people do it all the time, right? 

Unfortunately, I’m not other people…I’m just lazy, overwhelmed me, and I’ve realized a lot of my stress over the last few months is just trying to do too much at once.  Yet when I sit and try to think of one thing or another to cut out, it’s hard to make a decision.

But I know I need to…so I did decide to make a few changes in how I’m doing things, mostly making myself look at things more objectively:

  1. The September issue of the newsletter will be the last of the planned monthly newsletters. My newsletter has only 15 actual subscribers, and while I appreciate them all, of those 15 only 8 or 9 even open the newsletters.  So I spend several hours of time and creative energy for almost no return, when I could be focusing that time elsewhere.

    The newsletter itself won’t be going away, it will just switch to being more sporadic announcements about upcoming releases and promotions.  I’ll also leave on the option to get the weekly blog post/podcast summaries. J

  2. I’m changing the format of The Lackadaisical Writer (yes, again). This time though, the change is primarily to the schedule.  I will no longer be aiming to do weekly episodes, instead I’ll pretty much do an episode when I have something to actually talk about (kind of like Mur Lafferty’s more sporadic schedule for the I Should Be Writing podcast).   

    I decided on this change in part because I’ve struggled to come up with topics of late and finding time to record, hence so many skipped episodes.  Listenership is also down and those who do listen pretty much never give any feedback, have questions, etc.  So it’s a lot of stress for again, little return.

    I suspect freeing myself from the weekly schedule will result in once a month or so episodes that are a bit longer and covering multiple topics at times, but hopefully actually are me talking about something versus just struggling to come up with something to say besides just newsy stuff.  Some of the sorts of things that I’ve been talking about in the newsletter will probably make their way there too…

That’s the two big ones for now.  The rest is all on me and trying to refind my focus and creative energies to get back to Deviations revision before I run out of time until NaNo gets going.