S3, E73: Going Unwide With Aisuru 4

In this week’s amazingly short episode, I talk about my upcoming plans for Aisuru, including pulling it from wide distribution to go into KDP select, cover changes, and more.

News & Notes:

  • Ran a giveaway of Aisuru onLibraryThings of eBooks in exchange for reviews; 41 people entered so 41 people won since it was 100 copies up for grabs
    • Also sent the codes to claim to my email list subscribers
    • 27 copies claimed, and 1 review so far; not bad considering it didn’t end that long ago
    • Need to send one reminder with the claim links again
  • Updated Deviations blurb on the site, kind of worked on the cover, and mostly didn’t revise due to overtime
  • Update for goals for July included revision, expansion, etc.

Main Topic:

Despite continuing to garner good reviews, Aisuru’s sales still suck monkey nuts. Like big fat zeros other than when I did the $1.99 promotion. I’ve been wallowing in the self-pity for a while and just letting that good old negative voice just keep telling me “well, it sucks or something” long enough. Time to take action.

One of the best things about being an indie is I can be super flexible and experiment all I want.

So Aisuru is getting a “relaunch” of sorts:

  1. The eBook is going from wide distribution (i.e. with a bunch of folks) and going into Amazon’s KDP Select for at least 90 days; this means no direct eBook sales temporarily, but doesn’t affect print sales at all
  2. This will pretty much happen once the retailers have all removed their copies
  3. I will be strongly considering a new cover, and most likely completely changing it versus the print copy
  4. Considering adding a subtitle of some kind because of Aisuru being a word most people won’t know
  5. Also considering adding a “series” name of some kind, since it is connected to Deviations and possibly to Girl in the Forest
  6. Probably rewriting that darn blurb yet again
  7. If possibly, I’ll take advantage of the KDP Select options to do a countdown deal in September or October and do a huge advertising blitz for both sales and newsletter sign ups
  8. Will be putting it up in ACX to find a narrator so can hopefully offer an audio book option by the end of the year
  9. Update the eBook front matter and back matter accordingly, and add a sample of Deviations at the end
  10. Change newsletter format, no more monthly updates – just announcements and the like