Goal Check In: How Did I Do In August?

Almost no progress on anything this month, including an abysmal lack of progress on Deviations at all.  On the good side, the overtime is done so I will hopefully have more time/creative energy to focus on my writing again.  Per my previous posting about the changes with the newsletter and show, two goals were cancelled this month.

Not reflected in this lack of progress is that I did get Aisuru’s new cover done and released, so yay something! 🙂


  1. Finish the major revision of Deviations by end of September 2015
  2. Find at least 2 people to beta read Deviations
  3. Get Deviations feedback from Beta readers by end of October 2015
  4. Process beta feedback and finish final run through/polish by end of December 2015
  5. Stretch goal: Get Deviations to editor by end of December 2015
  6. Get Deviations cover done or hire out by December 2015
  7. Start working on Deviations marketing plan
  8. Start saving up the estimated amount needed for Deviations editing (aim for at least $500 by December 2015) – added to the budget to infuse money into the Zenbi Press bank account each month to help with this

Other Writing

  1. Participate in at least one of the Camp NaNoWriMo’sfailed; ended up not really doing much with Camp; alas with no one local doing it, it was so easy to fall out of it 🙁 
  2. Do prep research and any notes for The Girl in the Forest for November
  3. Write first draft of The Girl in the Forest as 2015 NaNo novel and win with at least 50,000 words
  4. Stretch goal: Do at least 60,000 words 
  5. Do sale and marketing push for Aisuru near end of the year, November or December using more formal plan/strategy – may do in September or October instead; still debating

Site and Show

  1. Release at least 40 episodes of The Lackadaisical Writer – with the change in format and not having it weekly anymore, this one is an auto cancel
  2. Update Media Kit
  3. Do at least three blog posts and/or videos on Scrivener-topics for fellow Windows version userspostponed until 2016; just not enough time and not where I need to focus my attention right now; replaced with more general goal below
  4. Send at least one newsletter per month, preferably first week of the month – also auto cancelled with dropping it being monthly
  5. Redo site with new, more modern template that is mobile friendly out the gate; having Bootstap incorporated would be a bonusdone!  launched  July 11th
  6. Do at least 2 blog posts a month that are not the regular features (i..e not a goal update, podcast episode, or Manga Monday)
  7. Work on planning out at least 2-3 podcast episodes ahead

Reading, Business, and Whatever Else Comes to Mind

  1. Finish reading Writer Dad
  2. Read at least 200 books in 2015 – currently at 162, which according to Goodreads means i’m 30 books ahead of schedule
  3. Document book formatting and exporting processes so it’s easier to just go down a checklist for future releases