S3, E75: Aisuru’s 2015 $0.99 Promotion Prepping

After some nice Deviations updates and a few personal notes including NaNo talk, I share the details of Aisuru’s upcoming 99 cent sales and the promotional efforts that will be involved.


  • Cover is awesomeness designed by Kerry Hynds of Hynds Studios, will be revealed when I’ve firmed up the launch schedule
  • When revision is done, out to beta readers; have one regular beta and probably will contract with two professional beta readers for this one
  • Once I know the betas’ schedules, I will touch base with Lauren to see what her schedule of availability is for editing in the upcoming months
  • Also planning to do higher level formatting with Deviations – not just awesome title page (also from Kerry), but chapter markers using elements Kerry pulled from the cover for me, and incorporating those into both the print and eBook for an extra special touch

Main Topic:

As I’ve mentioned last episode, I’m doing on more promotion with Aisuru this year, a much bigger one and carefully planned to hopefully have much better results.  I already noted the prep work I did with Aisuru, i.e. replacing the cover, putting it in Select, etc. 

Additionally I sponsored a giveaway at Free Kindle Giveaway, which resulted in 145 new newsletter subscribers.  So far, I’ve only had 5 or 6 unsubscribes after my welcome message even with no freebies to offer!

(Note, the rest of this part of the episode was basically me summarizing what I’d already posted in detail in part 1 of the series on Aisuru’s promotion for the podcast listeners, so I’m not including that in the show notes as the post is better written 😉 )

At one point, I was looking at promotions costing, in total, $965!!  Sufficed to say, I culled that list WAY down.  In the end, I applied to some 39 sites, of which I’ve been confirmed accepted at 24.  Robin Reads rejected, which was disappointing but I think YA isn’t a genre they do much with.  BookBub also rejected, which is par for the course – very few people get their first BookBub.

The total cost of all of the promotions at this point is $295.99 – still way more than I spent last time.  I have one more paid one that has not responded yet (it would be $30), and all of the rest of the non-responses are free ones. 

So here is the list of sites promotions for Aisuru’s 99 cent sale will appear.

November 1st

  • ReadCheaply ($0)
  • Newsletter (~180 subscribers)
  • Facebook post (53 likes)
  • Google+ post (177 followers)

November 2nd

  • AwesomeGang ($0)
  • BargainBooksy ($25)
  • Discount Book Man ($0)
  • Many Books ($25)

November 3rd

  • BookGorilla ($40)
  • Betty Book Freak ($8)

November 4th

  • Books Butterfly ($25); applied for Platinum 100, but was downgraded to Silver 25, asked why but have not heard back, my guess is because it’s YA?

November 5th

  • Pretty-Hot.com ($0)
  • EBookSoda ($10)
  • Booklovers Haven ($0)
  • Kindle Nation Daily ($99.99; KDD option with free BookGorilla slide over)

November 6th

  • EBookHounds ($5)
  • Fussy Librarian ($18)
  • Kboards Bargin Book Promo ($20)
  • The Books Machine ($20)

November 7th

  • None scheduled

Applied for but have had no response yet, all free except ENT which would be $30

  • Armadillo eBooks
  • Best eBooks Free (asked for the 6th)
  • BookScream (asked for the 4th)
  • Choosy Bookworm
  • EBooksHabit (asked for the 2nd)
  • eReader News Today (asked for the 5th)
  • Just Free and Bargain Books
  • Just Kindle Books (asked for the 5th)
  • One Hundred Free Books
  • PeopleReads
  • ReadFree.ly
  • Reading Deals