Never Say Never: My First Short

I’ve always said that I “don’t write short fiction” at all.  That I’m too wordy and verbose and that my stories just tend to be long.  Heck, Aisuru is just over 100,000 words, Deviations is currently clocking in at 90,000 or so.  Girl in the Forest may run a little short, but I suspect once revised it will still end up being around 50-60,000 words.

But then, yesterday morning I woke up from a vivid dream with this story scene in my head.  Usually when I get those it’s just a snippet and goes away before I even finish my morning routine, but this one didn’t and it kept nagging me and nagging me.  Finally I threw my hands in the air and said “okay, I’ll write the notes on everything I remember in my incubator and we’ll talk later.”

Except, instead of writing notes, I ended up just writing the story.  Three hours later, I paused to go get an ICEE, having written 4,373 words of the story.  When I got back, I finished it.  All in all, it ended up being just over 5,000 words…an actual short story.  Me!  

I’m still kind of like whoa!  WTF?  I don’t write shorts, I never write shorts, yet I am satisfied that this story is full and complete just as it is.  It needs revision, of course, but I don’t see it getting much longer at all.  Even in filling in some descriptive details on the main characters, it might get to 6,000 or 7,000 words, but that’s about it. 

Now, it does suck a little because I wrote all those words and they are not a part of Girl in the Forest at all!   So for now, I’m not counting it as part of my NaNo word count, though it means ending today with no words written unless I write a bit before bed.   On the good side, if I do end up short of the 50,000 word mark, but Girl in the Forest is finished, then I now have an 5,000 extra words I can count if I need to, versus having to just throw in random trash at the end that I know will be deleted.

As for the short story…tentatively titled Knives and the Girl, I’m thinking I’ll revise it while Deviations is off to Lauren for editing, polish it up, and make it a gift for my newsletter subscribers. 🙂  So if you might be interested in this short tale set in the late 1800s in Japan (of course), of a thief with a fondness for blades who encounters an expected complication on his latest job in the form of a girl who stumbles into his crime in action, make sure you’ve subscribed!

Meanwhile, today’s writing has certainly taught me one thing…never say never!  Because apparently, sometimes never just means rarely 😉  Maybe that means one day I’ll get an urge to write a series too…

P.S. Apologies for the lack of a NaNo special episode this Monday – I finally lost the battle with getting sick and am still recovering.  I’m aiming to do it Friday instead. 🙂