S3, E77: NaNo 2015, Special #2

Discussing my progress after the first week of NaNo, my concerns about Girl in the Forest’s content and length, and a quick summary of Aisuru’s 99 cent promotion results. Note: This episode does have some non-specific discussion on child abuse as this is a central subject of GitF.

News & Notes:

  • NaNo Progress and Feeling
    • Novel structure
    • Progress
    • Concerns
  • Aisuru’s Promotion Results
    • Sales rank peaked at 6,155; got to #13 in magical realism!
    • 97 copies sold in the US; 4 sold in UK; earned less than $55
    • 1,237 KNEP
    • So far, 2 days since the end, no more sales, but another 2,125 KNEP, so most have gotten a bunch of borrows too
    • Will do what I learned when I have time to process it better

Current Word Count: 14,105 according to Scrivener (which is usually a dozen words high or so)