Goal Check In: How Did I Do In November?

NaNo was a success, but alas, financial issues are derailing things a bit.  Still, some wins to balance out the cancels/fails!


  1. Get Deviations feedback from Beta readers by mid-December 2015 – updated to reflect actual date requested of beta readers
  2. Process beta feedback and finish final run through/polish by end of December 2015
  3. Stretch goal: Get Deviations to editor by end of December 2015
  4. Start working on Deviations marketing plan
  5. Start saving up the estimated amount needed for Deviations editing (aim for at least $500 by December 2015)failed due to some other issues coming up; will blog more on this one later
  6. Stretch Goal: get the first chapter or two revised and polished enough to be added to Aisuru as a preview!Not likely happening in 2015 alas 🙁

Other Writing

  1. Write first draft of The Girl in the Forest as 2015 NaNo novel and win with at least 50,000 wordsNaNo won though GitF ended up being around 46,000 words
  2. Stretch goal: Do at least 60,000 words and/or get to The Endgot to the end, so a technical done 🙂
  3. Do sale and marketing push for Aisuru near end of the year, November or December using more formal plan/strategyran and done; will do a follow post/episode

Site and Show

  1. Update Media Kit – finally rewrote my bios!  Progress!
  2. Do at least 2 blog posts a month that are not the regular features (i..e not a goal update, podcast episode, or Manga Monday)

Reading, Business, and Whatever Else Comes to Mind

  1. Finish reading Writer Dad
  2. Read at least 200 books in 2015 – currently at 175, with 2 in progress and now behind
  3. Document book formatting and exporting processes so it’s easier to just go down a checklist for future releases