Manga Monday: Current Manga TBR Pile

Only The Ring Finger Knows 2Now that we’ve looked at the current series I’m reading, I thought I’d give a quick run through of my current to-be-read (TBR) pile of manga and light novels.  For me, the TBR pile is a book I either have a physical copy of on my shelves waiting to be read, I have out from the library, or I’ve purchased digitally (which pretty much never for manga or light novels).

I’ll group multiple volumes from the same series together for sanity 😀

Spice & Wolf, volumes 11 (Side Colors II) and 12

I’m so far into this series, I’m determined to just keep going even if it is dragging.   I snagged these two volumes at Half Price Books at least, and hopefully can get up the interest to read 11 to get to 12.  I’m really not a fan of the whole three sets of “side colors” thing, but they do marginally play into the overall story and it would irk me to much to skip them.

Chibi Vampire: The Novel, volumes 6-8

This rounds out the volumes available in English; alas the final volume was never released and I’m hoping it isn’t some lovely after story.  🙁  Still, I do look forward to reading these, but because of their connection to the manga, I’ll be reading them in order with the manga which will mean they will probably be on the TBR pile for a while just for the time constraints alone and needing to mentally prep myself because the manga series calls out the waterworks big time!

Library Wars: Love & War, Volumes 2-5

This is, of course, one of the series I’m currently reading.  I picked up the next four volumes through a Viz sale at  I’d originally planned to read it over the four-day weekend I just had, but house chores interfered so they are still on the pile, but will likely get read in the next week or two.

Only the Ring Finger Knows (light novels), Volumes 2-5

These have been on my TBR pile the longest by far.  I bought all four back in August of 2014!  I still haven’t gotten around to reading them, though not really sure why (or why it is that ever single time I type that title, I type Ringer Finger…).  I love the manga and enjoyed the first novel volume quite a bit.  Definitely aiming to get them read this year though!

A Silent Voice 6Noragami: Stray God, Volume 9

Another of my current series reads; I ordered this volume along with volumes 10 & 11 with my pre-order of 12…but Amazon for whatever reason shipped 9 early with another order I had even though it didn’t ship the other two.  *shaking head*  So yeah, I got it early, but I’ll probably hold off reading it until next week by which time I should have 10-12 and can binge read.

In Route (ordered, but not yet shipped/delivered)

I also have a few volumes ordered that I’m just waiting to have shipped or be delivered.  I mentioned Noragami: Stray God’s 10-12 volumes above.  All the rest of these are from RightStuf’s on-going (as of this post) Kodansha/Del Rey studio sale (up to 33% off; not sure when it ends).  I often use their studio sales to play catch up on the series I’m reading 😀

  • Noragami: Stray God, volumes 10-12 and Stray Stories 1
  • My Little Monster, Volumes 12 & 13
  • A Silent Voice, Volume 6
  • Say, ‘I Love You’., volumes 11 & 12