2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in March 1

Got two big tasks done, but the rest…eh….um….yeah… *le sigh*  I debated adding a couple of new goals, but I’m still iffy on whether I fully want to do them or not, so not committing yet.  I will note that two would involve audio books for my current titles and the third is a potential writing project, but not a novel, that would connect to Aisuru, Deviations, and Girl in the Forest and that fans of one or all will likely be hoping I do.   😀 


  1. Deviations
    1. Submit for Bookbub as often as possible until accepted or year runs out – last submitted 3/3, next one will be around mid-May when its KDP Select term flips
    2. BHAG: 200 copies sold in the first month
  2. Aisuru
    1. Sell another 100 copies, minimum – moved down here for easier tracking; technically I “sold” 453 during it’s second free day promotion, but I’m still aiming for100 paid sales 🙂
    2. Continue submitting for Bookbub as often as allowed until accepted or year runs out – last submitted 2/6, next one will be around early-May when its KDP Select term flips
  3. Girl in the Forest
    1. Make revision plan and have fully revised for beta reading by June 30thnowhere! 🙁
    2. BHAG: have beta read, final revision, and editing done in time for release by November 1st
  4. Knives and the Girl – polish, finish cover, and give to newsletter subscribersDONE!
  5. New Novels – write at least one
    1. Write new novel for NaNo 2016
    2. BHAG: Write a new novel while Girl in the Forest is being beta read and/or during editing process (which would mean two this year) – I kind of have an idea, except it wouldn’t be a novel 😀
  6. Contact local library system about considering stocking my books 🙂DONE!  Books donated and now available 🙂

Site and Show and Everything Else

  1. Post at least 26 Manga Monday posts in 2016 (which would be a minimum of one every other week) – 6 posted so far!
  2. Read at least 200 books – Current Count: 33
    1. Read at least 5 books from my current physical TBR shelf3 read! (technically 4 since I finished Spice & Wolf, Volume 10, but I’m not going to count it since I started it in 2015)
    2. Read at least 5 books from my current digital TBR shelfnone yet, since I’m only counting those that I put on the shelf on/before January 3, 2016 or that I know I downloaded/bought before then
    3. Read at least 5 non-fiction books – 1 read, 1 DNF :-/
  3. Create new cover art for TLW – DONE!
  4. Create personal logo/image – I split this one from the other since really it’s two different tasks