Manga Monday: Latest Reads (March 28-April 3rd)

Over the last week or so, I actually managed to get in some good reading time, yay!  Said reading included some new manga, which is an even bigger yay!

Sweet Rein, Volumes 1-3

Sweet Rein 1Sweet Rein came out awhile back and I initially ignored it because it was Christmas-themed and that really isn’t my thing.  However, it is also by Sakura Tsukuba, the manga-ka of one of my favorite series Land of the Blindfolded, so I decided to check out the preview and eventually added it to my wish list.  On my birthday, my sweetie and I went to Half Price Books and low and behold, they had all three volumes!  So of course I had to pick them up, then I read through all three the next day.

Overall, I enjoyed the series.  It’s a cute and sweet romance about the growing relationship between newly minted “Santa”, Kurumi, and her “reindeer” Kaito.  It certainly takes the “shifter” trend to a different sort of level LOL.  Overall, I really liked the fresh and unique spin Tsukuba put on the idea of Santa Claus, with many santas and magical reindeer handling different areas, and each being a lifetime partnership.

Still, it never really reached the level of enjoyment for me that Land of the Blindfolded did.  The plot was shallower, people just automatically accepting the magic and Kaito without question, and the more serious (and interesting) bits glossed over like the dark Santa and the stray reindeer.  The ending was also a bit incomplete, to me, with the relationship not fully resolved.  But as far as I am aware it ended at volume 3, so I’m guessing it was intended to be more open-ended.

I did enjoy it and will keep it in my collection, and would recommend it if you’re looking for something cute, very light, and sweet.

Noragami, Volumes 9-12

Noragami: Stray God 9I talked about Noragami quite a bit in part III of my Current Manga Series posts from earlier in the year.  With this batch of volumes I’m all caught up on the available English volumes except for the special volume.  Of course, Kodansha is currently popping out new ones monthly so I’ll be behind again in a few weeks. 😀

This latest set of volumes continues on with the Ebisu story line before smoothly transitioning into a much deeper look into Yato’s past, his true nature, and fully introduces the man he calls Father. 

As might be expected, there is some good humor in these volumes, which is seriously needed in light of the copious tears they rung out of me too!   So much sadness and heartache.  This volumes, in particular, really emphasis how much he needs Yukine and Hiyori, and there is some really nice development with Yato getting a better understanding of needing to think of others, particularly Hiyori, after his usual over-enthusiastic excitement over something causes him to unintentionally hurt her.

I love love love this series and can’t wait to read more!  I also need to catch up on the anime now that I’ve now read up enough to be past the end of the second season 😀

P. S. I finally made a featured image to go with the Manga Monday posts!