S4, E87: Of Plans and Being a Failure

Some updates and excited babbling about my trip, followed by discussing my updated plans for the rest of the year and my free-talking a bit about the idea of being a failure and coming to terms with it.

News & Notes:

  • Back from Italy – awesome trip
  • Sterling & Stone Smarter Artist Bootcamp
  • Moved to a new web host

Plans for Writing

Between the trip and the Bootcamp, I was able to help clear my head a bit and get re-energized. It also helped me come to terms with some of my doubts even as Aisuru and Deviations both continue to plunge in ratings towards the million mark.

With said refreshed mind, I came up with a rough plan for the rest of the year for writing/releases.


  • Girl in the Forest will go out to at least 2 and up to 4 alpha/beta readers for feedback; really they will be beta readers because I’ve decided to try doing a single revision pass on this story
  • Continue working on Maid Maleen, using Camp NaNo to help get in those daily words with goal being to finish the first draft before end of July
  • Come up with a linked novel (i.e. kind of a series) name for my novel trio and repackage the first two with said name


  • Maid Maleen rest period
  • Girl in the Forest back from betas (aiming for the 15th), so start processing the feedback
  • Book Girl in the Forest with editor for October for copy editing, depending on how heft the story edits are, and formally engage for cover if I haven’t already (and decide if its Girl in the Forest or The Girl in the Forest already LOL)


  • finish revision of Girl in the Forest
  • Maid Maleen read through and revision plan begin
  • decide November NaNo project (probably another fairy tale retelling, presuming enjoyed doing Maid Maleen)


  • prep for NaNo
  • Maid Maleen – revision or line up betas, depending on plans (and at this point it’s so in the air that’s as far as its plan goes LOL)
  • Girl in the Forest to editor (hopefully) with return date determined


  • Girl in the Forest edits processed and to proofing
  • create Girl in the Forest launched plan, set launch date, and get up on pre-order
  • Girl in the Forest arc team sign up
  • Girl in the Forest cover reveal
  • NaNo!


  • launch Girl in the Forest is all goes according to plan
  • finish NaNo novel if not already done
  • sketch out idea for final wrap up volume of whatever series name is

I’ll probably do some promotion on Aisuru and Deviations when I do the repackage/update, but for now I’m mostly just letting them sit and languish, other than the usual BookBub submissions and trying to get more reviews.

I’m a Failure, And That’s Okay

Rambling a bit about coming to terms with my being a “failure” as a professional writer, and coming to peace with it.