2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in June

With my mind refreshed and a renewed vigor creatively, I’ve done some major updates to Girl in the Forest’s goal section, added a section for the Maid Maleen retelling with a few new goals, and added new ones for the rest as well.  Other than that, just one goal accomplished this month. 


  1. Aisuru
    1. Sell another 100 copies, minimum
    2. Decide one name to connect the three novels and repackage Aisuru with new series name – NEW!
    3. Do another promo run once series name set and repackaging done – NEW!
    4. Continue submitting for Bookbub as often as allowed until accepted or year runs outusual rejection for June 🙂
  2. Deviations
    1. Submit for Bookbub as often as possible until accepted or year runs out – usual rejection for June 🙂
    2. Repackage Deviations with new series name – NEW!
    3. Do another promo run once series name set and repackaging done – NEW!
  3. Girl in the Forest
    1. Make revision plan and have fully revised for beta reading by September 30th June 30thstriking per new plan, and doing new list of goal points
    2. Send out to minimum two, up to four, alpha/beta readers by end of June – NEW!
    3. Finalize title and get page set up on site by July 31st – NEW!
    4. Alpha/Beta feedback back August 15th, process and finish revision by September 30th – NEW!
    5. Get to editor by October 1st – NEW!
    6. Girl in the Forest cover underway by August 31st and finalized for reveal by November 1st – NEW!
    7. Back from editor, process, and to proofreading (if needed) by November 15th – NEW!
    8. Set launch plan, date, and preorder up by November 30st – NEW!
    9. BHAG: have beta read, final revision, and editing done in time for release by December 31st November 1st
  4. Maid Maleen retelling (final title note decided yet) – breaking out into its own list at this point
    1. Finish first draft by July 31st (using Camp NaNo as part of getting butt in chair) – NEW!
    2. Read through and come up with revision plan by September 30th – NEW!
    3. Determine title and series name – NEW!
  5. New Novels – write at least one
    1. Write new novel for NaNo 2016 – this will probably whatever the second fairy tale retelling is, or not 🙂
    2. Finish the first draft of “Maid Maleen” novel a new novel while Girl in the Forest is being beta read and/or during editing process (which would mean two this year) – moved above to own section

Site and Show and Everything Else

  1. Post at least 26 Manga Monday posts in 2016 (which would be a minimum of one every other week) – 9 posted so far!
  2. Read at least 200 books – Current Count: 56
    1. Read at least 5 books from my current physical TBR shelf4 read! (technically 5 since I finished Spice & Wolf, Volume 10, but I’m not going to count it since I started it in 2015)
    2. Read at least 5 books from my current digital TBR shelf – 1 read!
    3. Read at least 5 non-fiction books – 1 read, 1 DNF
  3. Create personal logo/image
  4. Initial ARC team creation/setup – DONE!