Want to Help Decide My Series Name? 1

As I mentioned in my most recent episode and in my goals update, I’m going to be “repackaging” Aisuru, Deviations, and the upcoming Girl in the Forest into a proper “series” of linked novels.  They are set in a shared world, with Aisuru and Deviations being in Hakodate, Japan, and Girl in the Forest being in Aokigahara primarily, but featuring a character from Hakodate.  Fans of the stories will find little links between the characters themselves as well. 🙂  

Further, all three stories have a shared theme, if you will, of people ready to give up on life who find hope and renewal in unexpected meetings, friendships, and love.  While they are all standalone and can be read in any order, I think it would be good to make it easier for readers to realize they are connected by tying them together as a series.

Coming up with the name of said series is proving to be a bit of a challenge, however!  Book titles are hard enough, but series names?  Oh man…I’m really stuck on whether to emphasize that they are all set in Japan, the theme, or both?

So then I decided…why not ask you guys what you think?  Weigh in with your vote below (poll will be open through July 18, 2016).


Don’t like any of those?  Feel free to Leave your suggestion in the comments below!