S4, E90: Camp NaNo Ending and Final Promo

Camp Nano ended in abject failure and I contemplate the future of the Maid Maleen project before discussing my hastily done promo for Aisuru. While the sales were pitiful, the ROI was great, though still a disappointment. Which leads into my last topic: where things stand with Girl in the Forest and the struggles of being fiscally responsible while also trying to produce great products and a great reader experience.

News & Notes:

  • Got some reading done and some new manga
  • Finished playing one game and started another
  • Still working overtime
  • Formatting experiments and discussing Vellum, Jutoh, and Pressbooks

Camp NaNo Failure

After my last Camp NaNo special episode back on the 17th, I ended up not writing another word of the Maid Maleen story. Suffice to say, total camp failure there. For now, hoping I’ll keep working on it over the course of August, and if not, it might end up being my NaNo 2016 project, unless I decide to scrap the project for now.

Hasty Promo

Got an invite to try out a new promo service from the same folks who run Choosy Bookworm, so figured *eh, why not*, applied and was accepted….for July 28th. So did a low-key, hastily planned promo on both Aisuru and Deviations. Aisuru was 99 cents July 28-August 3rd, Deviations $2.99.

I intended this to be a smallish test run of a few promo places, keeping it more narrowed and focused from my last HUGE failure of a run. I set it up to only have 1 or 2 promos on most days, plus a newsletter send out and testing Facebook ads. All promo efforts were aimed at Aisuru, except the Facebook ads which were targeted to the series page.

So how did it go? All together, 23 copies of Aisuru sold at 99 cents, 3 copies of Deviations at $2.99. As noted, I had promos running on 2 sites every day except the 1st (one site) and the 2nd (none). I ran Facebook ads the first 2 or 3 days. I emailed my newsletter on the 1st day of the sale as well. Best sales day was July 29th, with 12 copies of Aisuru sold. I’m attributing those sales to Bargain Booksy. Still way below the results others have seen with them, but better than all the rest I ran with this time, combined.

Total spent on the promotion was $37.93. Total earnings: $20.28. So at least this time a 53.5% ROI, which is also better than any other promo I’ve run. Still, I’d already decided no more promos on either book for 2016, and this cemented it for me.

Girl in the Forest, Future, and Finances

Girl in the Forest is still in beta review, with the last reader’s feedback due the 8th. So far I’ve gotten some great feedback and lots of things to look at. Once the last one is in, I’ll deal with processing it all, coming up with the revision plan, and doing the revision. Then, presumably, off to my editor…maybe…

Because I need to figure out covers and crap as well. I’d just presumed I’d have a professional cover done for Girl in the Forest by Hynds Studio, who did the Deviations cover. However, I may end up having to do a pre-made or do something myself, because of finances. I’m realizing I need to take a good long hard look at things and decide how much more money I’m going to throw at books that are not selling and not even coming close to making a profit, when I don’t have the money to spend.