S4, E91: Anma’s Manga Minute and Hakodate Hearts

Introducing my new side audio blog type project, Anma’s Manga Minute, and giving a more “formal” introduction to my Hakodate Hearts book series, including selected readings from both Aisuru and Deviations.  

Fair warning: as this episode includes a reading from Deviations, it has a bit more cussing than usual 🙂

News & Notes:

  • Computer woes – desktop video card died and laptop had to have Windows reinstall
  • Girl in the Forest updates: feedback in, revision progress and cover progress

Anma’s Manga Minute

Hakodate Hearts

Giving a better introduction to Hakodate Hearts, now that it’s officially named and all that.  Hakodate Hearts is my genre-crossing series of interconnected stories about people on the edge of giving up who find hope and renewal in unexpected meetings, friendships, and love.

  • Shared world centered around Hakodate, Japan
  • Standalone novels with little Easter eggs between the stories

Rough timeline:

  • Aisuru – first
  • Deviations – second, set roughly 4 years after Aisuru; connections include Taka being Sakura’s neighbor plus side character appears in both
  • Girl in the Forest – third, set roughly 4 years after Deviations; Adachi is a former classmate of the trio from Deviations and one or two side characters might appear 🙂

What It Isn’t

  • An ongoing storyline or a series with an “over arching” 
  • Full of cliffhanger books
  • A Serial or Season type story

I finish up the introduction with a bit about Aisuru and Deviations, readings from both, and giving a quick intro to the upcoming third book, Girl in the Forest.