S4, E93: NaNo 2016, Special 2

As promised, my second NaNo episode. I have words, not many, and I’m way behind, but I do have words.

News & Notes:

  • Aisuru is now “wide”, and available via Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, iTunes, Google Play, and others, if you go to books2read.com/aisuru you can find which stores currently have and pick your favorite; I updated it regularly and more stores are coming
  • Deviations is not yet wide due to issues with the ePub and decided to just wait until the new cover is done so I don’t have to change it all again
  • Gave up on iTunes direct because Apple customer support sucks monkey; will rant about that in December
  • Didn’t get an Anma’s Manga Minute recorded…will aim for this week. Did order new manga.

NaNo Update

NaNo is still a struggle. I threw out those first words I wrote because I knew I wasn’t going to touch it again. Most of the month so far, my story telling/creative self has been asleep and keeping my stories hidden from me. So I eventually decided to instead do a non-fiction project for NaNo. At least it would be writing and it wouldn’t require my storytelling brain to be involved. Even when I’m not in a writing mood, I can write non-fiction (see my lengthy user guides written for work).

I didn’t get started until is the 9th, though, so while I do finally have words, I’m very very behind and the writing is going very slow. I am still struggling with the lack of desire to write at all. But still, giving it a try. I have a broad outline for the project so far, plus most of the first chapter finished up today. For the curious, if I finish it, it will end up being a book for newbie indie authors, like the 101 type class, on going indie and how to do the really basic stuff.

I also ended up having my creative/story telling self has woken up, just a little, after seeing a story prompt on Facebook. It meshed into one of my loose, vague ideas I had for a potential NaNo story before life happened, and my story let me have some glimpses at it. It’s not a lot, but I at least managed to write the first chapter of a potential new novel. We’ll see how it goes. If it pans out, I’m thinking it will be a YA fantasy, possibly a romance. Set in a medieval type setting (i.e. typical fantasy fare), though so far my MC does have a Japanese name. So far, it has an alchemist, magic, and an as yet unrevealed dragon.

So essentially doing two projects at once for NaNo. Maybe next week I’ll be up for sharing a snippet. Right now I’m not talking about the story too much in case it goes away again.

Word Count: 3,866 (non-fiction), 1,794 (fiction)