S4, E94: NaNo 2016, Special 3

A late night episode giving this week’s NaNo episode.  More words, yay!  Still behind, but hey, I wrote!  Also, minor news on my mailing list.

News & Notes:

  • Looking at switching from MailChimp to MailerLite
  • Knives and the Girl new cover
  • Saw Sweeney Todd

NaNo Update

Can’t say I’ve been consistently writing every day, but I have written 5 out of the 7 since the last NaNo update. I’m still way way behind, but further along than before.

Non-fiction project is flowing well, though mildly irked at myself for now using some of the free time I had at work all last week before we actually got back to working again to do more catch up. Fiction project I hadn’t touched again until today, and managed to get in a few more words.

Word Count: 18,859 (non-fiction); 2,350 (fiction)