S4, E96: NaNo 2016 and Aisuru NetGalley Results

So how did NaNo turn out? Did I manage to make it to 50,000?? And what about Aisuru’s NetGalley run? Both covered in today’s episode!

News & Notes:

  • Finally got the newsletter out
  • Still behind on Anma’s Manga Minute
  • Deviations new cover still in progress, so it’s still Amazon only
  • Dragon!

NaNo 2016 – Final Results

Managed to keep up the pace and though it was down to the wire, I did indeed cross the 50,000 word mark! I wrote some 68% of my NaNo words this year in just the last 11 days of November, with half of those being in the last six! @_@

Best of all, I was able to write more fiction. One of those days, I even wrote more fiction than non-fiction. The last day, I wrote fiction up until the last hour of the last five, when I flipped to the non-fiction project because I needed to go faster 😛

New story is still untitled, but it’s a fantasy, possibly/probably a romance, with a taciturn alchemist and a dragon. Also, not set in Japan, so yay!

Aisuru’s NetGalley results

All in all, not too bad. Got some new reviews, and possibly more to come. So yay! Let’s look at numbers!

Also picked up a few days over the month, though all still on Amazon. Nothing outstanding, just a blip here and there, but hey, I’ll take what I can get, right?