S4, E97: Out With 2016, In With 2017

It’s my annual review of how the year went, good, bad, and meh, how I did with my goals, and looking at my financials for the year. Ending the episode by sharing my writing-related goals for 2017!

News & Notes:

Gotten a few more chapters of the NaNo 2016 project written, thanks to Dragon, and even wrote some while at a sing-along get together event. Also used Dragon to get more work done on the non-fiction project

2016…Oh This Year!

I realized Deviations abject failure, the stress/drain of all that overtime earlier in the year to finish a project at work, and the loss of my loved one affected me a lot more than I accounted for. Need to stop considering so many things “failures” versus delayed.

Earnings went up! Not a lot, but up is better than down!

  • Earnings in 2015: $160.69 (21% print, 25% KU, 54% eBook)
  • Earnings in 2016: $200.02 (44% print, 16% KU, 40% eBook)

Only had one month without eBook sales at all, versus last year where I had 5. And only one month out of the year where I had no measurable income (over $1) versus last year where I had three.  Still nothing consistent about my earnings, it goes up and down each month, but that’s a given with my sporadic releases and promotion

Overall income for the year: $278.00 (different because it’s based on actual payments received)

Total expenses: ~$2,040

Total loss for the year: ~$1,762; significantly better than last year’s loss of $2,782, though still obviously a loss

How Did I Do With Those Goals?

  • Deviations – launched February 14th, so overall did awesome on that, ahead of schedule! And it bombed, spectacularly. Almost all income this year was from Aisuru.
  • Aisuru – New cover, formatting all done; print updated, but again was not able to sell 100 copies. I gave away that many, but actual sales, no. Still, sales were up overall.
  • Girl in the Forest – unable to do in 2016 as hoped; moved to 2017 due to all the stuff going on
  • Knives and the Girl – launched and already had a cover change (so much better)
  • Writing 1-2 New Novels – Maid Maleen was truly a failed experiment, NaNo 2016, didn’t finish the novel, but still in progress
  • Both books are in the BCS Library system, so yay! 🙂
  • Manga Monday flipped to podcast so didn’t do as blog, but did find a way to do that I enjoyed
  • Only read 124 books this year, but did read 5 physical TBRs, 4 digital, and 5 non-fiction books!  Goal count doesn’t take into account omnibuses, which encompass 2-3 volumes each..

2017 Goals

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