Two New Covers For Hakodate Hearts!

As mentioned, Deviations lovely moth cover is being replaced with something more genre appropriate and in fitting with the other two Hakodate Hearts books.  My cover designer, Kerry, has worked her awesome magic to great a gorgeous new cover that still pays a nice homage to the original!

This new version is already up on Amazon and Deviations wide release has begun!  You can already find it at some stores and the rest should come online in the next day or two.  You can check availability at most popular e-book retailers here.  If you don’t see your favorite, check back in a few days.

As part of this relaunch, Deviations paperback version will be temporarily unavailable, as it will be re-released under a new ISBN with the new cover and some interior formatting tweaks.  It will probably take a few weeks to get it back in stock, as I have to go through the proofing process again, but the proof from CreateSpace is on the way!  I’m also very hopeful that with this new cover, I will finally be able to get the paperback in Barnes and Noble and other retailers through IngramSpark (their printers couldn’t handle the old cover for some reason).

Meanwhile, if you really, really, really loved the moth cover, I have exactly one copy of the original version left in my store (without the series name). Once its gone, that will be it other than my own personal copy (and a poster I’m having made because I do love those moths!).

With Deviations new cover done, though, Aisuru then looked out-of-place for the series due to its differing typography.  Fortunately, Kerry came to my aid and fixed it up too, while also giving it a nice little boost that helps play up its fantasy elements just a little more!

Like Deviations, its paperback is offline for a while and will then be re-released with a new ISBN (which I technically should have done when I changed it last year LOL).  Meanwhile, I think all three look awesome together!  How about you all?

(P. S. Yes, I’m still in the process of updating all my graphics on the site and social media…there are a lot of them :-D)