The Lackadaisical Writer, S5, E99: Pet Peeves of Romance With a Side of Rant

In a ranting mood this episode, so going off on people claiming writers “shouldn’t” write people if they aren’t those people, the meaning of Deviations title, and my top pet peeves with plot elements and character types found in romance novels!  The language is strong with this one!

News & Notes:

  • Aisuru will be on sale on Kobo from April 20th-24th at 30% off
  • Deviations up on NetGalley until April 17th
  • Also entered Deviations in Publishers’ Weekly BookLife Prize because fuck it, why not (literally my entire thought process there)
  • No fiction writing (back to sleep), working on Going Indie though not much progress
  • No special plan yet for episode 100…need to figure that out…

Ranting On…

The idea that because I’m not “X” I shouldn’t write characters who are and on the meaning and importance of Deviations title and why the characters call themselves “deviants.”

Top 12 Pet Peeves in Romance Novels

Inspired by binging on Jenna Moreci’s YouTube channel

This list mostly applies to contemporary romance and romantic suspense; while some of these would also easily fit on a list of YA and manga romance pet peeves, those both deserve their own lists, which I may do down the road 🙂 I’m also not including too stupid to live people, as that’s a pet peeve in fiction all together.

  1. Blonde hair, blue eyes or red hair, green eyes
  2. Super hot, rich, famous MC with plain, ordinary, often barely above poverty level MC
  3. MCs giving up careers or life long dreams for “new love”
  4. 25+ year old virgins
  5. Sexually inexperienced people who are perfect lovers
  6. Oops Babies
  7. Secret Kids
  8. Inexplicable jerks/interference for/from siblings/family/friends
  9. Conniving exs
  10. “Dark” romance
  11. Jerkish/assholey and/or Control-freaks as MCs
  12. Abusive MCs