2017 Goal Check: Midyear Revisit

With it being halfway through the year, its time to revisit my goals, flush out the ones not happening this year, and add new ones related to my plans for the rest of the year.  While dropping some goals was easy enough, coming up with new ones and updates for the existing ones has been a challenge.

Writing Projects

Girl in the Forest – publish on September 10CANCELLED; I’m not cancelling the project, just the plan to have it published by September 10th; I’ve reduced it to a single goal, listed down in The Rest)

Going Indie – Get to Launch Plan Ready – I may eventually have to change the dates, but for now continuing to aim to get this thing written by the end of the year

  1. Finish first draft by August 31st
  2. Final draft by December 31st – reworded
  3. Line up beta readers
  4. Decide on related video content to create and make creation plan for them – reworded to focus on just making the lists
  5. Do series of episodes on The Lackadaisical Writer related to book – NEW
  6. Come up with a cover concept, design attempt – NEW; I’m going to at least attempt to do this one myself; partly due to finances; fortunately non-fiction should be easier to DIY for me

The Rest

  1. Finish first draft of untitled NaNo 2016 Novel by September 30th (and update goal with title when I decide on one)CANCELLED!  I may or may not eventually get back to it, but for now, focusing on just getting writing period
  2. Write at least 50,000 words during NaNo 2017 in November – reworded
  3. Write at least 20,000 words during the July 2017 Camp NaNo – NEW; another step at trying to get me back into writing on a more consistent basis
  4. Reread Girl in The Forest and create revision plan – NEW

Everything Else

  1. Read at least 200 books (or equivalent) – 51 read; very far behind but not giving up yet because I’m stubborn!
    1. Read at least 5 books from my current physical TBR shelf – 4 done, 1 in progress
    2. Read at least 5 books from my current digital TBR shelf
    3. Read at least 5 non-fiction books – one done! I admit this one is becoming less likely, but still going to try
  2. Really BHAG: create  my own web-based sales tracking tool – I have the general specs mapped out and step list, just need to get started; also adding some sub goals to break down the steps
    1. Finish writing up specifications for initial version
    2. Database design
    3. Initial core app framework set up and code bones of app (error handling, authentication, etc.)
    4. Code modules
    5. Determine if app will also be “just for me” or if will eventually make a service open to others
  3. Set up a Patreon page – NEW; yes, I tried once, then gave up, but going to try again!
  4. Decide what to do with Anma’s Manga Minute (either back on track, or cancel) – NEW
  5. Get set up on Pronoun (primarily for publishing to Overdrive) and Streetlib (replacing Smashwords) – NEW